Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Review of My Reviews - Day 3

Alright it is day 3, and I'm back with more reviews!

   8. Vocabulary Cartoons: If you remember my review, you remember that this uses Mnemonics to memorize Vocabulary words. The words, we thought, didn't really rhyme, and some of them didn't really make sense. I think the idea behind it is good though, because we have used similar books, and loved them, but for us, this one just didn't work.
We are not still using this book.  However, I want to add that there were members on the Crew that loved it, so it is really one of those things that works for some, but not for others.

(Read my full review here.)

       9. Talking Fingers: This was fun! My son really enjoyed it! I remember at first thinking, he is only 5, he can't type correctly. But he did, well, to a certain extent.
He did really well up to a certain point, but then it got a little too difficult for him.
This program makes it really easy for your kids to learn to type, and they will have fun while doing it!
We have not used it in a while, but that was because it was a little too difficult for him. I do think we will pick it back up. He has asked about it...HMMM, Now I'll probably be pulling it up today! HA
Anyhow, I do recommend this product for those who are wanting to learn to type, but who want to have fun while they are learning.

(Read my full review here.)

10. Young hearts Longing for God: This is a Bible study of the Psalms for the 4th-8th grade range. You study one Psalm per week, and answer the corresponding questions that go along. You read the same Psalm each day for a week, so that you really get it in your heart.
I really struggled getting my daughter to like, and do this. I am not sure why. Perhaps it is because she is in the 8th grade, and maybe it was a little too young for her.
I think it is a really good Bible study, however. So, I do recommend this product still. I think after our experiences though, I think it works better for a little younger than the 8th grade. Great product though!

(read my full review here.)

11. Buckets-O-Fun: This was buckets of fun! OK, I couldn't resist. lol
Really though, this was fun. What couldn't be fun about making messes of goo, and slime, and snow? Check out my review to see the pictures of what we made, that way you can get a better idea of what I am talking about. I do recommend this product for science experiments, or just for fun.

(Read my full review here.)

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