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TOS Review/ Ten Marks


*Do you have children who whine and complain because they have too much math to do?
*Do you wish you had someone alongside of you who could help explain math to your children?
*Do you wish there was an affordable answer to these problems?

Then TenMarks may be your solution.

You may be wondering, what is TenMarks? It is a personalized online math program that gets it's name because each worksheet only has 10 problems.

You, the parent, will set up your child's account, assigning them to the grade level that fits them best.
Once you have this set up, you can also personalize their curriculum. This is set up in albums. Each album contains worksheets from different math topics.
You can move these albums around to the order that you would like your child to work on them.

Each week your child will receive 4 worksheets. It is their choice whether or not they do one per day, or move along faster.  They also have the opportunity to redo their problems, so that they can score ten out of ten.
I like this feature because I hate just counting something wrong. I like to give my kids the chance to learn what mistakes they made, and correct them, and count them right.

Each worksheet has only ten problems. I think this makes it very manageable for children to do, and not feel overwhelmed.

Here are a couple of problem examples from the 7th grade math.

Your child can also practice any type of math from any grade level.
Let's say that your child is doing 7th grade math, but they are really struggling with fractions. It may be beneficial for them to practice fractions from the 5th or 6th grade levels until they have a better understanding of fractions.

Here are a few examples of problems from other grades.

If your child needs help on a problem they can ask for a hint. They can receive up to three hints.

They can also watch a video that will help them to understand the process. I think that the videos are helpful in most cases, but I must say that some of the videos don't always relate to what you are currently doing.
It seems as if there is one type of video per topic, and not an individualized video for each question.
So sometimes the video didn't help us at all.
This would be my one con to this program. I do hope they will consider improving the video section a little more, making the videos relate to each individual question.

Over all though we really have enjoyed this math program, and will continue to use it.

One of my daughters favorite things about TenMarks is the reward Program. For every four worksheets your child completes, they will be awarded a new game. These games are arcade type games.

You also have the opportunity to set up additional rewards. In the parents section, you would just type in what the reward would be, when they would get the reward, etc. After the child has completed the amount of worksheets you set up, it will let them know that they have received a reward.

This is purely optional, and only in the parents section, so you do not have to do this if you did not want to.

You child can take an assigned test, or take a test at any time from any of the topics.

My daughter really likes this program, and wants to continue it beyond the review period. I think that says a lot.
I did ask her however, if TenMarks did not have the games as rewards, would she still like it, and want to use it, and she said yes.

One other feature of TenMarks that I wanted to share with you was that you can easily check your child's progress.

As you can see, you can check all of their progress at a glance.  You can see when they did their work, what their score was, and what their concept strength for that topic was. 

TenMarks can be used with children in grades 3 through high school.
Children who do not like to do a lot of writing, or who just prefer the computer will enjoy this program. There is no teacher preparation, so that is a big bonus in my book.

If you are interested in seeing if TenMarks will work for your family, you can try it free.  

If you find that it works for you, the pricing is as follows:

Options (per student)
$10 a month
$49 for 6 months
$89 for 12 months

This seems to be a fairly reasonable price for an online math program, and we really enjoy it, so I say give it a try. 

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*I have received a subscription to TenMarks, free, as a member of the TOS Homeschool Review Crew, in return for my honest opinion. No other compensation has been given to me.*


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