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My Review of My Reviews - Day 1

This is day one of my Review of My Reviews, and I really hope you enjoy this. 

This won't be a real detailed review of each product, as I have already done that, but more of an update. 

1. Expedition Australia: This was the first product I ever reviewed for TOS.

This was a Download N Go unit study by Amanda Bennett.

What make this different than most, is that it is mostly on the computer, and it is interactive.

Meaning that there are many links throughout that will take you to all the information you need for the study.

My then 12 year old loved it! She could do this on her own, so it is perfect for older independent learners. 

My then 5 year old was not interested, however, the print out worksheets are SO cute, and a really good quality, that I plan on using this, and other Download N Go's with him. 

In my opinion, while some 5 and 6 year old may get something out of this, until they can write, and until they have a bigger attention span, they won't get much out of it. 

Now, that being said, this is a wonderful, colorful, and very interesting product.
I do plan on using these with my son when he is a little older, probably 7 or 8ish. 

So I still recommend this product, I just think most kids would need to be at least 6 or 7 years old to get the most from it.

But, keep in mind that all kids are different, and some may be ready for this earlier. You can always purchase one, and if they are not ready, use it later. You have it forever once you download it.

(Read my full review here.)

E-Book: WannaBe™-When I Grow Up I Want to be a Firefighter

2. When I grow up, I want to be a Firefighter: This was the second item that I reviewed. Oh, it was such fun!

The kids still remember it, and we even through a big party that was totally firefighter themed!

We made a firehouse diorama, and a firetruck cake!

We have not done any of the other books in the series, but I have several of them downloaded to my computer, and I do plan to use them. 

Some things that were included with this study were copy work, activities, math, and of course information about firefighters!

We had a blast doing this study, and I think you will too. I still highly recommend this product!

(Read my full review here.)

E-Book: Travel Kits: A Simple Way to Bless Others 

3. Travel Kits: A simple way to bless others: This was not so much for school as it was for the family to learn about a simple way to bless others. 

We learned how to put together a Travel Kit, and we blessed one of our friends with one who was going on a long car trip. 

It is great for your own family too, because it teaches you how to put together kits that will keep your kids busy, and happy in the car, and that is always a huge blessing, right? lol

If you are at all interested in learning how to make a travel Kit, I do recommend this e-book. 

(Read my full review here.)


4. Peterson Directed Handwriting: This one was a little tricky for us because my son already loved the handwriting program we were using.  It was tough to get him to use this program. 

I like the set up of the program, and I liked the steps, and I especially liked the air writing, although my son did not. He also did not like the Write and Say part, where you have to say a phrase while you write.

The problem that we had with this program was not really with the program itself. We only had problems because the kids had already learned, or started to learn, their handwriting with a different program. 

I do believe that if we had started with this program, we would have been able to enjoy it more. 

It is the same program that has been used in schools for a long time, so it may not be the most exciting handwriting program ever, but it works. 

Some of the letters are different from the letters of other handwriting programs, and that confused my children.

I think it's that way with all handwriting programs though, don't you? That you really need to stick with one the whole time?

I think you should at least consider this program when you are first looking for a handwriting program. 

It is a very comprehensive program.

We did not continue to use this program because we already had a handwriting program that we loved! 

(Read my full review here.) 

I hope you enjoyed this overview, and I hope you come back tomorrow for more review updates!

See ya then!


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