Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Review of My Reviews - Day 5

It is day 5, and I am sorry I didn't get this up yesterday. We have a lot going on right now.

OK, so here goes:

16: Wits and Wagers Family: In this game, you take turns reading a question, everybody writes their answer down, and then places it face up on the table. Then everyone gets to look at all of the answers, and place their game pieces on whichever answer they think is closest. I know that from this description, it may not sound all that fun, but this is our favorite game. We play it all the time. We almost always play it when the in-laws come over too! I 100% recommend this game.
I will say that there were a few questions that I didn't find appropriate for my kids, but I just took them
out! VIOLA! Perfect game. We really do love this game.

(Read my full review here.)

Photobucket 17: Tiny Planets:  Tiny Planets is geared towards ages 4-12, but older children will enjoy it as well. This is basically a site where children can go and play in outer space! They will play games, and earn stars to decorate their planet. We have not really used this much lately, because we do have a lot of other school work to do on the computer, and we can't justify something that is not purely educational. But it is a safe place for your kids to play online, and there is nothing "wrong" with this site. I feel safe letting my kids play on it. And I may let them play on it sometimes, but probably not that often. It is mostly free though, so you may want to check it out.

(Read my full review here.)  18. Math Facts Now: I just reviewed this recently, but we still use it and love it. This is a simple math program that lets your children practice their Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and division facts. It is not flashy, but I like that. It is very simple but, effective. My kids ask to play this. So, yes, I still highly recommend this program.

(Read my full review here.)

19. See N Read:  If you have children that have trouble focusing on the page, or say that the words seem to jump around on the page, these learning tools just might help. I am still using the Memory Mark daily. I use this to underline my Bible verses! So, I do recommend this product still!

(Read my full review here.)

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