Little boys are so cute, aren’t they?

They do need a lot of attention, and I realized the other day that I could still give my son attention, even when I was busy.

I was doing dishes when the thought occurred to me, “Why not plop him on the counter, and talk to him, or have him “read” to me?”

It worked out great!

We talked a lot about snakes, hamsters, and other boy things, but most importantly, he didn't feel left out.

Sometimes as moms, we get really busy, and it can seem as if we are pushing them away.

I really don’t want to do that if I can help it, so I am going to start trying to find more ways to incorporate my kids into what I am doing.

So Cute!!! You don’t want to miss these times with them when they are little.

Take whatever opportunities you can to spend time with those beautiful children of yours!

You won’t regret it.

Place them on the counter, or a chair by you while you are doing the dishes, sweeping, or doing the laundry, and just chat with them. Or, throw out some math problems, or spelling words, and count it as school!  Above all, have fun with your little ones.

I posted this as part of the new weekly blog magazine called The Christian Home. This is part of the first issue. It is full of advice on all things Christian home, and the articles are written by fellow Christian moms. Enjoy!