Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Review of 20 Drawer Double Wide Mobile organizer - CSN

Early Childhood Resources 20 Drawer Double Wide Mobile Organizer - ELR-011 

I got this pretty fast, and when I opened it I was very impressed with how well it was packed. 
There was a piece of plastic in between each and every drawer. 

However, there was one drawer that had the tab broken off. 

I called CSN and they took care of it right away and are sending me a new drawer. 

The lady I talked to was so nice, and we ended up just talking about kids and all the funny things they do. 

We talked for probably half an hour!

Needless to say, they have great customer service.

I bought this with this intention of using it as a workbox system for our homeschool. 

I planned on putting my kids lessons, one per drawer, in it. 

Unfortunately, it just didn't work out the way I planned. 

The drawers, while they are a  fairly sturdy plastic, were not wide enough to fit my kids binders in. 

I wish they could have been just a little wider, and a little deeper. 

Now, that being said, it is still a good system for organizing other items. 

I have decided to use it to organize our school supplies: paper, notebooks, pencils, rulers, stapler, pencil sharpeners, crayons, markers, colored pencils, etc...

I am really happy with using it this way! 
If you do not have binders, or really wide objects that you need to put in the drawers, than you could still use it for a workbox system. 
The price was $95 for this  particular organizer. 
I would not be being honest if I said I thought it was worth this price. 

The drawers are a fairly sturdy plastic, but they are not top of the line quality, like I would expect for almost $100. 

Now, also know that this is in the normal price range for this type of product, so it is not really any more expensive than any other organizer of this type. 

I just think that they all should be a little cheaper.  
So, I recommend it as a good item for organizing your items, but want you to know that there are a few things it wouldn't work well for. 
I am very happy to have something like this to organize all of our school supplies. 
Oh, one other thing that I did like however was the fact that it was SOOOO easy to put together. 
My five year old son helped me put it together, it is that easy!

Have fun organizing!!!

*I was given a coupon code from CSN stores to go toward the purchase of this item in return for an honest review. No other compensation has been given me.*

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