Saturday, September 23, 2017

Selling Wrap/Wreathes to help friend get to MD Anderson!

I am selling my Maya Wrap to help out my good friend Amanda. She has stage 4 colon cancer, and has run out of options here in Oklahoma. 

She just go approved to go to MD Anderson, which will allow her to try clinical trials, and other sources of possible cures. 

She is also making wreaths to finance her way. Here is what she wrote on her cancer page:

A little background: Amanda found out that she had colon cancer when she was pregnant. They wanted her to abort the baby. She refused, and did some chemo while pregnant. Her baby is perfect! BUt she is at stage 4, and is fighting hard every day. She is one of the toughest people I've ever met. She has ran out of options here and is now eligible to go to MD Anderson, but needs help getting there. Hotel rooms, food, gas, etc... 

But here is what she wrote: "Alright, everyone!!! The great news is, today I was able to schedule my first consultation to go to MD Anderson in Houston, Texas for October 4th. They told me to prepare to be there for 3-5 business days. I can't thank my fellow cancer sister, Riley Anne, enough for offering to meet me there (8 hour drive for her)!!!!!!!
I'm facing challenges, though. The caseworker I was assigned to said they are unable to assist patients with lodging for their initial visit. I called the American Cancer Society and at this time, they have a hold on assisting anyone in the Houston area due to flooding. Hotel stay alone will cost about $400-500, and that's going the cheap route. Ryan will be missing out on overtime pay because he has to take off to be home to get our oldest off to school.
To help with the cost, I'm going to be making wreaths. I can do Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas wreaths. Please let me know if you might be interested. No obligation as a majority of materials will come from my craft stash. They will be $50 each or $55 shipped (huge discount on shipping as it runs about $15-payment must be received prior to shipping). As I make them, I'll post them. Thank you!!"

Friends have also set up a fundraiser page:

"Amanda Meyer has been down a long road and isn't done yet! She learned she had stage 4 colon cancer when she was pregnant with her first child. Since then, she has been through chemo, had several surgeries and became a foster mother! Now she has secured a very important appointment in Houston and needs help with the funds to get there. Her husband will have to stay behind with the children and will lose time at work. Could you spare even $5 to help her? Every little bit will help. Amanda is a fighter!"

So, if anyone may be in the market for a Maya wrap, I have the one in the pictures available to sell. It is $79.95 new. I probably didn't even use this three times. It has a  lightly padded shoulder and a zippered pocket. 
I would like to get $50 for her but make an offer if you would like it but can't do that much. I would like to help her out as much as I can and right , now, I just don't have much extra cash, so I figured I was going to sell this anyways, so I am hoping it sells fast so I can help fund her trip! 

And if you are interested in any wreaths, let me know and I  will put you in contact with her. She will custom make them however you want. 

And if you just want to help out, you can donate on her fundraiser page. 

Thank you guys! 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Toddler Nature Journals

One of my favorite memories with my older children was making nature journals. My niece has been staying with me, and I decided to let the kids make nature journals. 

The journal's I did with my older kids were more detailed, of course, but for a five, and two year old, I just decided to let them gather items, and tape them to a page. I then put the page in a page protector, and into a folder. 

They think it's super fun, and are always looking for anything they can bring home and put in their nature journals. 

As they get older, I will have them do extra things in their journals. They can draw a picture of the tree that they got a leaf from. They can write a paragraph about a tree, flower, anything they put in their book. They can take photographs. 

You can add anything, really, to a nature journal. My oldest son's has snake skins! UGH!! 

But this is an easy way to start toddlers, and young children, who don't have much of an attention span, on nature journals. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

I am super excited to announce that I am back on The Homeschool Review Crew team!
Team Member
I look forward to writing reviews, and getting back in touch with everyone!

Some of our wedding photos!

We got married almost a year ago. I can't believe it! It is almost our first anniversary. I am hoping that we can get the same room at the Bed and Breakfast that we spent our wedding night at! 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Thursday, July 16, 2015

I had a baby!

Gosh, there is so much to catch up on! Let's start with...I had a baby!

Born December 16th, 2014.

He is now 7 months old!

Here he is digging stuff out of his diaper bag. He found my skittles! Lol

Nathan is now ten, and Kayleens is eighteen! It's so crazy...I'm starting all over, but I'm loving it!

Thursday, May 16, 2013


I have never heard of a waterproof book, much less a waterproof Bible! I received a waterproof Bible from Bardin and Marsee Publishing to try out and review. I received an ESV New Testament copy to review.

I had a really hard time putting this review to the test. It is a BIBLE afer all!! I didn't want to try to soak it, or rip it, or get it all dirty, but the publishers say it can handle it, so test we did.

My kids had a blast with this. We dunked it under the water in the bath tub, we wrang it out, let it dry, and did it over and over again.

I couldn't believe it! The Bible returned to Normal every time.

These Bibles are 100% waterproof inside and out. They are made with 100% synthetic materials.

I took the following paragraphs from the website so that you can get an idea of the company.

The Waterproof Bible and THE OUTDOOR BIBLE originate from our desire to take God's word into all of His creation, regardless of the weather or circumstances. That is why they are completely waterproof, dry quickly, are much stronger than paper, are usable with writing utensils (ball point pen, pencil, or dry highlighter), and adapt well to all extremes or reading environments (on a rainy campout, in a coffee shop, even in a hot tub!). Just as a frog lives on land and in water, the Waterproof Bible and THE OUTDOOR BIBLE thrive in any situation or climate.

As believers in Jesus Christ and a love to be in God's creation and exposed to the elements, we have often desired to have a Bible by our side for reading here and there. Our exploring has led us to mountain tops, river banks, sandy beaches, misty valleys, dark caves, and hot springs, and has caused us to become soaked to the core while backpacking or paddling. I hate to admit that our Bible has not made it with us on many of these occasions for the sake of protecting it and because we don't trust a plastic bag not to puncture. Now we can put an end to all the worrying that we have done in the past about our Bibles and take God's Word wherever our adventures lead.

Wherever life takes you - carry the Waterproof Bible or THE OUTDOOR BIBLE and Be Inspired. Anywhere.

Your Friends,

Bobby and Anna

You can take these Bibles anywhere. You can get them wet and muddy and it will go back to perfect condition. These Bible pages will not rip either. I tried to rip a page and it didn't rip. All it did was stretch a little.

I highly encourage everyone to get one of these Bibles. I encourage you to get everyone in your family one.

The prices range from $24.95 for the New Testaments to $44.95 for the full version.

*Sorry that I don't have any pictures. I will try to add pictures once I can find my camera cord. lol*

Selling Wrap/Wreathes to help friend get to MD Anderson!

I am selling my Maya Wrap to help out my good friend Amanda. She has stage 4 colon cancer, and has run out of options here in Oklahoma.  ...