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BJU Press Homeschool Focus On Fives/ TOS Review

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in
exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I
compensated in any other way.

I would venture to bet that if you are a homeschool parent you have heard of Bob Jones. I have used Bob Jones in the past for the higher grade levels but I hadn't used a Bob Jones curriculum for the younger grades.

I am extremely blessed to have received a Kindergarten curriculum set from BJU Press Homeschool called BJU Press Focus On Fives.

This set come with a LOT! For starters, this set has SIX TEACHER'S GUIDES! Yes, I said six. lol

Here is a look into the teacher's guides. I took pictures of one chapter's lesson's from the first and last teacher's guide's to give you an idea of what they are like. 

The first teacher's guide is 217 pages plus teacher's resources. 

Each lesson starts out with a review. In this particular chapter the children are learning about fire trucks and firefighters. The kids will sing songs about being a firefighter and look at visuals while learning. The teacher's guide offers several suggestions as to different types of discussions or activities your children can choose to do.  

The activities tell you which pages of the work text need to be done and also shows you how and when to incorporate the flashcards, puppet, etc. 

I like that it walks you through telling the child exactly HOW to write a letter. 

The extended activities are super fun! Here you will find books that go along with the lesson, Language Arts activities, extra practice pages for writing practice, fun activities to practice motor skills, songs to sing, arts and crafts, etc. 

The last teacher's guide is set up pretty much in the same way as the first one. It is a bit thicker, but not by much. 

In this lesson the kids are learning about clothing from the Bible times. 

The teacher's guide's show you exactly what charts and visuals you need for each lesson. 

As you can see, it is pretty much the same, but the work is much harder! 

The extended activities in this lesson include books to read, stick puppets to make, a foot race to play and making clothes pin Bible boys and girls. How fun!

Some portions of the teacher's guides are more meant for the classroom, but unlike other curriculum's teachers guide's that I don't find really necessary, I find that these really are. 

One of the cutest things about this curriculum is the puppets!

Hopscotch and other characters appear in the curriculum, and the puppets help teach the kids!

There are hundreds of charts, flash cards, puppets, cut out's, etc. They are all very colorful and fun to look at!  Don't worry! I know it is a lot, but the teachers' guide's tell you exactly what you need and when. It will be OK. lol 

The visual flip chart has cute, colorful visuals to go along with the lessons. The visuals really help children to see what they are learning. 

There are 300 pages plus stories in this Phonics Practice workbook. The pages go along with each lesson, providing the extra practice your child needs.  

The back of the book has stories that your child can put together and make mini books!

The work text has more to do than just phonics practice including: handwriting, biblical stories, moral lessons, mazes, make your own stories, life cycle booklets, and many cut out activities. 
Including so many different aspects really keeps things fun. 

If all of this isn't enough, there is even another workbook for even more writing practice! This is the only book that is in black and white, but I don't mind because I'm literally just tearing out writing practice sheets. They don't have to be super colorful! 

K5 Phonics and Review Cards (4th ed.)

There is a set of Phonic's and Review Card's but we were in the middle of moving during this review and these must have gotten packed up somewhere else because I can't find them! 

"The Phonics and Review Cards include reduced versions of the song charts, high-frequency word cards, and letters for the students to use during classroom activities and to take home for additional practice with a parent."

The final part of this curriculum set is the books! 

"These 34 books that focus on silent reading comprehension and oral reading. They include partner reading with a parent or teacher or an advanced reader. The Reading Books include a variety of genres, such as fiction, nonfiction, Bible stories, and poetry with a variety of art styles to match the stories."

 The books are super cute. There are 34 books included with this set. 

And if all of this is still not enough, there are optional video course that will become available in July! 

You can find more about that plus sample videos here:

When I first opened this box I was overwhelmed by the amount of stuff, especially ALL of the teacher's guide's, but the more I look into it and the more we do of the program, the less overwhelming it gets.  

This is definitely a complete curriculum. I doubt your child would miss a thing if they use this curriculum. 

It's cute and fun! The puppets add a really fun element to the program, as do all of the cutouts and activities. 

So, will/would we continue to use this? YES, we would, and will! 

If you are looking for a complete curriculum that has everything you need and that shows you step by step exactly what to do and say, this is for you. 

You do still have the freedom to pick and choose activities and make it more personalized to your family, but it is laid out for you, and sometimes we need that. At the point that I am at right now, I need something mor elaid out for me, so I really appreciate this. I also feel very blessed to have received this program and I want to continue to use it and put it to good use! 

Here are some of the work sheets that we have done so far...

I suggest looking onto this curriculum if any of this sounds good to you. I am not the only one who reviewed this curriculum set. I encourage you to go and read others mom's reviews on this curriculum to see if they thought any different or if they like it as much as we do!

BJU Press Focus on Fives {BJU Press Homeschool Reviews}

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