Monday, January 3, 2011

Road Rage

Man, today I was driving down the road, and I was coming to a stop light.

I was going to turn right, but then noticed that the traffic coming that way just got a green light, and was coming that direction.

So, I stopped and did not turn. I was somewhat close to the white line, but not that close, not like I was in the road or anything, and this man drove by and flipped me off!

I don't know why people have to be so rude.

I was not close to him, or close to hitting him, or anything.

People don't realize how hurtful stuff like that can be.

It has probably been since I was a teenager that I got flipped off! lol

Oh well, it just upset me today, and I just don't know what makes grown men, supposedly, do something like that...

I prayed for him, figured that he needed it! HA HA HA

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