Friday, October 29, 2010

TOS Review/ Buckets-O-Fun! YUCK!

We recently had the opportunity to review 4 different products from the Buckets-O-Fun company.

We received 4 YUCK products, Chunky Yuck, Saucy Yuck, Sticky Yuck and Snowy Yuck.

I am sure just by the name that you can figure out that kids love this stuff! LOL

Each of these products start out as 2 tsp. of little granules, and they expand into something else.

I took pictures of the stuff as my kids did them so that I could show you what I am talking about.

This is the Snowy Yuck. It was my favorite. 
We all really enjoyed this one! It was so pretty! It looks like real snow!

This is the Saucy Yuck.

This really felt like applesauce!

This is the Sticky Yuck! This was my kids favorite!

And this is the Chunky Yuck.
This is how it looks before you add water.
And this is how it looks after.

Needless to say, the kids had a blast making all of this Yucky stuff.

For the most part, I enjoyed it too.

It got a little messy for me at times, so I say, just do this outside, and you'll be all good!

Oh, and you don't want to put this stuff down your drains either. Wash your bowls and hands outside!!!

When you get this it comes with a pamphlet that tells you how to do everything, so you needn't worry about how to make it.

It also comes with a list of ideas that you can use for science experiments and games.
You can download the Yuck Games ideas PDF here.

You can get a free sample by emailing the company at

This way you can try it out too!

When you do purchase this stuff, you purchase it by the pound.

Here are the descriptions and prices from the website.

Chunky Yuck
It looks like rock salt when dry and hydrates to the size of machine ice cubes. Great for wrestling and games where items are hidden in it, and much more. Use Yuck Tints and add some color. Allow 24 hours for best hydration.
1 pound makes 35-60 gallons of Yuck, not water*.

1 pound is $16
5 pounds is $70
50 pounds is $400

Saucy Yuck  "As Seen on Letterman"
It starts out as a powder and when hydrated has the consistency of applesauce. Try it on a Slip-N-Slide™, or put a pinch in a water balloon. Shoot through a Yuckzooka for a real "Yucky" time. Add Yuck Tints and have team colors. One pound makes 35-60 gallons of Yuck, not water*. Usually much more depending how much water is added.
1 pound is $18
5 pounds is $80
50 pounds is $475

Snowy Yuck
When dry this has the consistency of sugar. Just add water and you've got slushy snow. It's great for a Christmas in July party. It can be formed, but not hard packed. Works for wrestling, Slip-N-Slide™ and other "winter" fun. Makes 25-50 gallons of Yuck, not water*.
1 pound is $20
5 pounds is $90
50 pounds is $600

Sticky Yuck
This Yuck is by far our stickiest. Yes, it has the consistency of…well SNOT! Use it by itself or mix with Chunky or Saucy for interesting results. Makes 5-10 gallons per pound of Yuck, not water*. 
1 pound is $20
5 pounds is $90
50 pounds is $600

As you can see, this stuff makes a ton!
And kids and adults of all ages will love it!

Buckets-O-Fun also has many other fun toys for kids such as water toys, inflatable toys, and much more.

I definitely recommend this to any family.

It is always fun to make messy stuff, at least for kids, right?  HA

There are some really neat experiments you can do with it, such as sprouting beans in it! 

Don't forget your free sample!

You can see what my fellow Crew Mates had to say about the Yuck products here


*I have received a sampling of the Yuck products, free, as a member of the TOS Homeschool Review Crew, in return for my honest opinion. No other compensation has been given to me.*

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Briana said...

The snowy was my favorite also. I didn't really touch any of them, just poked a finger at it, so I didn't know the saucy felt like applesauce.

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