Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WE Had an Earthquake Today!!!

I am still in shock. We actually had a pretty big earthquake this morning.
About 9 o'clock I heard this loud crazy noise that sounded like there must have been some big machinery outside of my window dropping something huge on the street or something.
I don't know how to explain it, but it was loud, and the house started shaking, and then the ceiling started shaking, and I thought our house was going to collapse. So we ran outside, and all of our neighbors were out there too!
It was a 5.1 earthquake.
They said they thought it was a 4.5 but were waiting on the official measurement, and they upgraded it to a 5.1, I heard.
Anyways it was pretty scary. I have never felt an earthquake before.
Well, technically I have but I was asleep, and I woke up because i felt the bed shaking, but I thought it must have been a dream, but later they said there was an earthquake, but this was a much bigger one.
Kinda scary, kinda cool.
I think I feel a unit study coming on!!! lol

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Briana said...

I don't miss the earthquake excitement from growing up and being a young adult in Southern California! I hope you don't have any aftershocks and if you do they are small. I'm glad everything turned out o.k.!

One Year Anniversary!

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