Friday, October 22, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday

OK Ladies, I am going to put it out here and say that I am going to join the Fit Mommy Friday's Ten Week Challenge.

Basically we are going to put our goals out there for the week and work on this together.
You can read all about it here.

OK, so my goals for this week are:

1. Be mindful of how much I am eating. This is a problem for me. I tend to eat it all whether or not I am still hungry.

2. Limit my pop intake to one a day. This may not sound like a big deal, and you may think that I should just get rid of it totally, but I know myself, and I want to be reasonable.
And, remember this is just for this week.

3. To work out 3-4 times this week for at least 2 miles ( I do the Leslie Sansone videos)

4. To drink at least 4 glasses of water each day. I know it should be more, but I am going form basically no water and all pop, so it will be a big increase.

5. To only eat out for lunch during the week once. I do this way too much.

6. Be mindful of what I choose to eat.

7. And, I hope that if I do this, I will lose at least 2 pounds this week.

OK, a little background on me.
After I had my first baby I was still pretty small, but I got the depo shot and gained 30 pounds in less than a month. ( I do not use birth control now, I did not know then what I know now. )

Anyhow, I kept gaining weight every time I got a shot.

After I got off it, I lost some but not too much.
After my last baby, I decided to really do it. And I did.
I did a 12 week program where I had no pop, no junk, worked out everyday, and I losr 36 pounds in 12 weeks!
Needless to say, I gained it all back.

I have tried countless times to do it again, but can never stay motivated.
I really want to have more babies, but want to get some weight off first, and I don't know why that is not enough motivation for me. It should be.

Anyhow, at the end of this ten weeks, my ultimate goal would be to have lost 15-20 pounds, have more energy, be eating healthier, and to PLEASE, have my heartburn be gone. This is SOOO bad for me.

For me staying otivated has been hard, but I need to do this, and now is the perfect time.
If you would like to join us, go here and read all about it.


~ Denise ~ said...

I love what you wrote, Rodna! I know how hard it is to get--and stay--motivated over the long haul. But you definitely sound like you're bound 'n determined to make serious, positive changes in your life which can only yield *amazing results*!!! (I must say, losing 36 lbs in 12 weeks is nothing to sneeze at! That's awesome!) Here's to your successful completion of the 10 week challenge! I know you're going to do GREAT!!!!

Blossom said...

You too? Okay that's three in a row that are joining this so I'm thinking that someone's trying to tell me something!
If you did it before you can do it again :)

Lorus! said...

These are great goals! I like that you are being realistic but still challenging yourself. I know I feel better when I eat well and exercise, but sometimes that isn't enough to motivate me. I'm looking forward to the encouragement and accountability this 10 week challenge holds.

Laura O said...


There are times when I wished I consummed more calories through drinks so I could quickly drop weight by giving them up. 36 pounds gone in 12 weeks is amazing, although I wonder if the quick loss also made it easier to regain when you stopped the stricter eating....

Here's hoping to a successful completion of the 10 week challenge. Healthy Mommies are great for the family!

Briana said...

You can do it! Great goals.

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

As someone who enjoys Dr. Pepper a bit too much, I can totally relate to how hard it is to give it up completely. I think one a day is a good goal. I'm trying to wean myself as well. You can do it!

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