Friday, October 15, 2010

Soli Deo Gloria Resources - Young Hearts Longing for God Bible Study

Young Hearts Longing for God, by Soli Deo Gloria Resources, is a Bible study of the Psalms for children.
 It is targeted for the 4th to 8th grade range, but I think it could easily be used for children who can read and write all the way up to adult.

There are 30 Psalms, or portions of Psalms in this workbook.
You can get it in a printed version or an e-book version, whichever you would prefer.

I found it very easy to implement this study into our already busy lifestyle.
It really only takes a few minutes each day, and I think it really helps to hide the word in our children's, and our own, hearts.

Basically, you would read one Psalm, or portion of a Psalm, each day for one week.
There are a handful of questions that go along with the Psalm, usually about 7-10.
There is a checklist that comes with it for your child to mark off the days they read. 
The Psalm for the week is already written down in the workbook for your child.

It is written in the NIV version.
We just used the KJV and read straight from the bible for this study instead, because my daughter liked how the Psalms sounded better from the KJV, more poetic.

To be honest I wondered how we would fit another bible study into the ones we already do, but it takes no time really, and is very beneficial.

There is no teacher prep which makes it very doable.

I am thinking about doing it along with my 13 year old daughter.

You could easily use this with all of your children no matter the ages.
You would need one workbook per child, unless you answered the questions out loud.

At first my daughter didn't like the idea of writing things in a journal, but I figured out that it was because she thought it might be embarrassing for me to read her personal praises to the Lord, so I told her I would not have to read it if she didn't want me to,  it could be personal between her and the Lord.

I really like this product. It is very simple, very easy to do and implement into what ever you may already be doing.

I would very much recommend this to anyone looking for a simple bible study for the kids to do on their own, or together with you or their siblings.

If you are interested in this bible study you can find the information here.
You can find it in the printed version for $16.00.
Or, you can find it in the e-book version for $14.50.
You can also find many other unit studies for Bible, History, Science and other.

You can find out what my fellow Crew Mates had to say about this product as well.


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