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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


It's workout Wednesday!For those of you who do not know what workout Wednesday is, it is when we all comment to each other how we did for the week on getting healthier and/or losing weight! We encourage each other and help each other along during this journey. If you want to join us just jump right in and place your info in the comment box! Sooo, How did you do this week?


rodnamomof2 said...

Well, I did ok ths week, I did not lose, but at least I didn't gain!.LOL
Anyhow, I need to up my working out and keep working on the eating better.
I am going to do better this week and have better things to report next week. We have thanksgiving this week and then my sons birthday is sat. he is going to be 4!! I can't believe it!
Ok, tty next week!

mommy4 said...

TERRIBLE WEEK FOR ME!! I totally ate what I wasn't and didn't drink as much water as I wanted to. This is harder thatn I thought. Bad habits are so hard to break. With Thanksgiving tomorrow, I'll start again on friday. Wish me luck!! WOW! 4 is a big thing! have a great one!

Nakeisha said...
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Nakeisha said...

I didn't do that great either but the great thing is (like you rodna) I didn't gain anything. But I am so ready to lose this 20 lbs...I've had my total gym in my closet I'm going to get it out and set it back up and do it Mon,Wed,Fri and continue to get on my exercise bike Mon-Fri and I would like to also do the pilates ab sculpt Tue,Thurs,Sat.When I do the pilates it really helps me lose inches around the middle which I definetly need.. I would like to do great the month of December. 8-10 lbs would be a great weightloss goal for December....mannn it's so tough doing this close to the holidays but hey I can do it =)Especially with the support of you ladies! Have a blessed day and Happy Thanksgiving!!


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