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Saturday, November 15, 2008

If you think you can't do nature study in the city...Check this out

If you were like me and thought you really couldn't do nature studies or a nature journal in the city, you would be wrong. I thought, hmm, there is nothing in our backyard that would be good enough for a nature study, I will have to go somehere eles, which I did not want to do. Well, I found out I was wrong, really wrong. If you think you can't do this in you own backyard, here are some photos of just some of the things we found in our front and backyard this year!


mommy4 said...

OH those are great things! We walk our neighborhood every Friday for nature studies.

Nakeisha said...

This really motivates me to take some pictures around my front & back yard....those are lovely pics Rodna!!

rodnamomof2 said...

Yes, I know! I was so excited to see that we could actually do nature studies in or own backyard, in the middle of town!

Carol J. Alexander said...

When we used to live in the city we would go to the city library where they had a pond with a fountain in the middle and LOTS of ducks. The opportunity for nature study there was unreal. There are also parks, river banks, vacant lots, you name it. You cannot escape God's creation!

Fatcat said...

What a great way to think outside the box.

I hate chiggers and ticks.

Rodna said...

Yeah, I hate ticks too. And we are going to move back to the country! i am going to have to find some way to keep the ticks at bay.

jlsgrant said...

never know what you might find in the city! stopping by from the crew! :)


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