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Monday, November 10, 2008

Great Giveaway from Home School Freebie of the Day!!

I wanted to share with you about Home School Freebie of the Day!
They have a great resource this week! I am not sure if you can get it if you are not already signed up but if you are they are having Pilgrims Stories Book 1 today. Tomorrow and wed. there will be books 2 and 3!
If you are not signed up go ahead and sign up! They always have something great!

Pilgrim Stories, Book I: From Old Homes to New (PDF ebook) - This week we are featuring this absolutely delightful three part serialization of “Pilgrim Stories”, originally published in 1910. This is a wonderful “read aloud” resource that you can share with the kids over the next couple of weeks, to make Thanksgiving not only a family celebration, but a learning time as well.
In Part One, we meet the Pilgrims and learn why they were forced to leave their homes in search of a place they could freely worship… a journey which had many false starts, and which eventually led to a hazardous journey across the ocean in hopes of reaching the “New World” and a place they could make their own.

Sign up at www.homeschoolfreebieoftheday.com


JesusRulzMe said...

Hello sister Rodna!

Thank you for your interest in participating in our study, A Wife's Biblical Submission.

No, it's not too late to join. Please be sure to read the Welcome & Instructions to get started.

Bless you sister!

mommy4 said...

WOW!! I like the freebie of the day. Thanks for sharing.

rodnamomof2 said...

Your very welcome! I LOVE the freebie of the day!

rodnamomof2 said...

Hi Sunny! I just finished reading your instruction! I will soon be studying the first lesson! Thanks for doing this!


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