Thursday, November 13, 2008

I finally got my car cleaned out! Tips for keeping your car clean???

Whew! I tell you, it was hard work! It took me all day but I finally got it all cleaned out! I have the hardest time keeping it clean, What are your tips for keeping you car clean and organized?


mommy4 said...

OK this is really weird, we have so much in common, maybe we're long lost sisters. I just cleaned out my car three days ago and still have yet to put back my car mats. It's rained since then and now they are wet. I could just dry them off since they are plastic but I just hate doing it. Sorry I'm not much help with keeping it clean.

rodnamomof2 said...

I know, I have the hardest time keeping anything clean. You should see my house! I try, I really do but I never seem to get it ALL done at the same time, but I am working onit! I will have to post before and afters! LOL I did take a before of my laundry room because I am participating in a before and after thing with laundry room this month!

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