Thursday, November 6, 2008

Curriculum verses Living Books...

I am really starting to understand that some of my problems are because I am using some curriculum's instead of good Books. I am realizing that the reason why I feel like we never get anything done or it takes sooo long to get through things is because I am using a curriculum that is supposed to take a year to complete, where as I could read a book or two on the same topic and learn pretty much the same thing.
The biggest problem comes in because my daughter LOVES some of her curriculum and won't give it up. She absolutely loves Apologia, which I do to but it takes so long to read the lessons ad notebook them. Although, I guess we would be notebook anything we read.
The History takes a long time also. BUT we do like them so it is a big toss up. BUT on things like Oklahoma History, I had bought an Oklahoma History curriculum and later bought an Oklahoma History Book, and the book had everything in it that the curriculum did! And states! I bought a curriculum for states that takes a year to do! Man, it is ridiculous to have so many things that take soo long to finish. If we learned from books it would be much faster and we could get through more in a shorter period of time. If you get the right books, they learn the same amount! I think besides math you do not need any curriculum unless the ones you use, you really enjoy and they are fun!
If you are looking for a BIG way to simplify, try substituting Living Books for curriculum and see what happens! I don't know if I can pry my daughters precious apologia from her though! But I will be eliminating most of the other stuff!!!
Good luck! Let me know how this works for you!

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