Monday, November 3, 2008

What happens to the bond after weaning?

For those of you who don't know, I just recently quit nursing my son. He was 3 1/2 years old.
I thought it would be really hard to stop nursing, and in a way it was, but it is a good thing. We cuddle more and he is so loving but the biggest benefit is that his relationship with his dad had grown so much. It is amazing to see there bond grow. He is such a daddy's boy now!
It is important to have that bond with them but they also really need that bond with their dad.
He used to go to sleep with me and now he cuddles up with his dad and goes to sleep. It is so precious.
Besides, I can get a little more sleep now, huh?LOL!
It is amazing how much the bond with the fathers grow once weaning happens and it is a really good thing. (No I am not Martha Stewart! HA)
As the mom you do not lose the bond that you had either. It is just a little different but just as sweet.
They grow up so fast and the bonds stay, they just grow sweeter!


Valerie Neal said...

Rodna, thanks for stoppin by my blog, I am kinda busy right now so I will come back in a bit and visit yours. I just wanted to say that I did not do my bog, and I can refer you to the site where I got it for free, yes free. I will even try to help walk you through putting it up if you like. I am new at this, but seem to be picking up some things fast. I must admit I did not read your post, but read the title, the main thing I miss about having babies is nursing. Yes, I miss nursing the babies. I am not sure but was it you that posted about taking the bottle away? Anyway, I need to do a few night time chores and line everything up for morining so I'll stop back by later. Enjoyed taking to you today at the Blog talk!! Valerie

rodnamomof2 said...

I enjoyed talking to you to!
No it wasn't me about the bottle thing. I miss nursing to but it is also a relief to have a break after almost 4 years. I nursed Nathan until just 3 month short of being 4. He will be 4 on Nov. 29th and I stopped nursin him on August 17th. I am hesitant to redo my blog again because last time i did i lost everything I had done except the posts.

Angela said...

How did you do it for so long? My baby is only 8 months old, and I'm about done nursing. Of course she is a very active and social nurser, and some times she pulls on my nipples or pinches my breasts. It hurts, and I'm not sure how much more I can take...

Any tips?

rodnamomof2 said...

Oh Angela, i understand. Believe me it was not always easy but I knew that he wasn't ready and when i thought of never nursing him again, it was very sad. i only wish I would have nursed my daughter longer. I have found that you won't regret nursing longer but you might regret NOT nursing longer.
I do believe in child led weaning to a certain degree. My son would still be nursing if I had stopped him but he was rarely nursing and I knew he coud handle it now. before when I tried it was too devastating for him, so we kept on. There were so many times where I had had enough and was soooo tired of nursing. I kept thinking I can not do this another day, but I did and have vno regrets now. It is hard tbecause you can't do as much and you are more tied down but in reality it is a very small patrt of your life.
On the other hand, if it really is too much, it is ok to stop. You have nursed longer than most do and that is great!
You really do need to do what works best for you and your kids.
Try telling her that she can't nurse if she won't be still. Does she do Yoga while she nurses like Nathan did?
When she starts to get all movey, set her down. If she wants back up, tell her she has to be still and repeat the process. She will soon understand. Same goes for biting, pulling, etc...
If you are like me you will daily want to stop nursing until night time when they fall aslepp and you somehow make it through to the next day and start the process over! It is really sweet and I will treasure that time, but I knew for sure this time that it was the right time for both of us. \I hope this helps some.

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