Friday, June 24, 2011

Vintage Healthy Home - A good week

Well, I have done much better this week,a nd have actually managed to drop a few pounds. Now, if I can just keep it up. 
I have not had pop, well, one sprite, or caffeine this week. I did manage to work out once this week, but the rest of the week I wasn't feeling well. Probably part of the reason I lost a few pounds. I am feeling much better now. 

Now that my stomach has shrunk, I hope to keep it that way, and be careful of my portion control. 

My goal is to keep up with the healthy eating, and workout at least 3 times a week from now on. 

I plan on trying to get a workout in today as well. 

I do hope that each week I will have more good news to share. 

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Briana said...

Great job! I hope you have a wonderful next week also.

Annie Kate said...

Cutting out the pop is a big one. Way to go!

Annie Kate

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