Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Marvels of Creation - Breathtaking Birds

Marvels of Creation: Breathtaking BirdsA couple of weeks ago I received a book in the mail called Marvels of Creation, Breathtaking Birds.

This is a beautiful, glossy, hardcover book written by Buddy and Kay Davis.

This book is different from your usual animal/nature book because it was created to glorify God as well as teach you about Gods creation...Birds.

The introduction is so amazing. It actually gives you Bible verses, and scientific evidence to refute evolution.

Your child will go into this book knowing that these birds are God's creations.

Your child will learn about 30 different birds such as the Arctic Tern, the Ruby-Throated Hummingbird, the Emperor Penguin, the Great Blue Heron, and many others.

Each description is one full page accompanied by a full page picture. The pictures are really nice.

There is a section in the back of the book called Intelligent Design which goes into the scientific details of how a bird is made, the different parts of a bird, the bird's circulatory system, etc.

This is a great book to have on your shelf to teach your children about birds.

It teaches your child that God created the birds, and it has the scientific details to make it very educational.

It would be great for a unit study.

I absolutely recommend this book.

I did some research and there are more books in this series! YAY! I will be collecting this series, and getting rid of some of my other nature books that do not acknowledge God as their creator.

I love this series!

So, if you are looking for a book/series that will teach your children about nature in a biblical way, this is the book/series for you. 

Disclaimer: I have received this book from New Leaf Publishing Group in return for an honest review. No other compensation has been given to me. 


Debra said...

The others are just as amazing :) Yeah, I own all of 'em. I need to pull them back out and read through them with my youngest two.

Very Blessed Mamma said...

Whaa! I want them too! Did you review them all, or buy them?

Lorus! said...

I've not heard of these, but they sound great! I'm heading to their site now.

Very Blessed Mamma said...

They are great Lorus, and Debra has them ALL!!!! LUCKY HER! lol

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