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Monday, March 21, 2011

Recording LIVE Today: Castles Under Fire!

Recording LIVE Today: Castles Under Fire!

cindypark1Your Time of Encouragement Mom-to-Mom”
Imagine! A mommy-getaway online! Retreat with Cindy as she takes you from home to homeschool to home business to homemaking to ministry to marriage to mothering…ALL IN OUR AWESOME ONLINE RADIO SHOW!!
Mom to Mom Radio Show with Cindy Rushton
Every Monday at 2:00PM ET/1PM CT
THIS WEEK: March 21, 2011 - Castles Under Fire!
Join us for today’s show. Our topic is Castles Under Fire! In this show, Cindy will take us back to Scripture to share very practical ways that we can set guard around our homes–you will love this show!
Also, Cindy will dig into your voicemail and email–go ahead and call in your message at: (256) 273-9576 or email at cindy@cindyrushton.com.
Join us LIVE!
Yes! We are recording LIVE every Monday afternoon at 2:00PM ET/1PM CT. You can join us online or by telephone/Skype/Google Voice. Here are the details:
Join Us Online in Our Chat Room:
Castles Under Fire Chat!
Call-in Number:
(347) 850-8893
Mark your calendar AND tell a friend (or two) to join us today!
Counting down….
PS! Did you tune into last week’s show? You can find it here: STEPPING UP TO THE CALL



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