Saturday, March 19, 2011

My New, BIG Cookie Sheet!

Food Network Air-Insulated Cookie Sheets
I finally got a BIG cookie sheet. I only have stoneware ones. (Pampered Chef) I love them, but I can't fit my whole batch of cookies on them at one time. I had some Kohl's cash, and I spent some of it on the largest cookie sheet I could find! lol
  • Commercial-weight metal construction keeps its shape for years.
  • Air-insulated design means your cookies will brown, not burn.
  • Metal-safe, nonstick finish makes for flawless food release and easy cleanup.
Sounds good to me. I have one of their bread pans, and I LOVE it.

I actually got another one today so that I could have 2 bread pans the same size. Nothing sticks to this bread pan, and it cooks so evenly.

Food Network Loaf Pan
I also got a big cooling rack. I just had 2 little ones, that were not any good.

Now I have a big enough cooling rack to cool all those cookies I can now make on my BIG cookie sheet. lol

I am excited that I was able to get these items.

Food Network stuff is so expensive, but after trying their bread pan, I am sold. It really is better to get the best once, rather than go through cheaper stuff more often.

My next Food Network purchase will be the bigger bread pans, if I find I need them. I may not.

I am loving their commercial quality products though, and they have square pans, and cake pans just like the bread pan that I have.

I would love to have those. I will have to wait for another sale, plus have a coupon though. That's how I do things. I always try to get the best deal.

I just had to share my excitement about my new kitchen cookware! lol

Oh, and I did get my new mixer, but already had to send it back. It was making a clicking sound.

I will see if the new one works well or not. I am going to test it against my smaller mixer.

I will let you know the results.

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