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Friday, March 18, 2011

Fit Mommy Friday!

I am proud of myself. I have worked out everyday so far this week.
My weight loss was only 1 pound, but I really hope to see more results next week. 
I have been working out to Leslie Sanson's videos. I really like them. 

I have been caffeine and pop free for I guess a month now. I occasionally have a sprite. 
I am doing a lot better, but I really want to see some results. 
I have been trying to post my daily activity on FB to keep me more accountable.

I hope you all did well this week.


SisterTipster said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! YAY!!! Caffeine FREE is awesome!! I do that too~and all that working out is amazing~YOU GO GIRL..and remember that scale is NOT the total measure of your success~EACH BITE and active movement is~HANG IN THERE and keep on truckin' RESULTS ARE COMING! HUGS!!

Jen said...

I like Leslie Sansone's videos as well. I use to do one of her walking ones a while ago.

Keep it up, you will see results soon.

Briana said...

A pound is awesome! Good job giving up soda and caffeine!

Annie Kate said...

Results will come, for sure. It's great that you've been caffeine free for a month already. Way to go!

Annie Kate


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