Sunday, October 26, 2008

When Satan attack turn it around on him...

Wow, I sure am having a hard week.
I don't really understand what is going on.
I have really been working on my kids behavior and they had really improved and then all of a sudden BOOM, they are driving me crazy with their fighting ALL the time.
I don't even know what to do about it. I hear it and just close my eyes and ignore. it. I know that is not going to help, I just have had it.
The funny thing is, the more I read, the more I pray, the more I KNOW what I should do and how to handle it, the worse it gets. I know that my children are So precious, they are gifts from the Lord. I know what really matters, I know what is most important.
The harder I try to be a better mom it seems like the more Satan tries to hit me.
I feel like I am under attack.
I didn't even realize this until I started typing that this is Satan hitting me and trying to mess everything up so that we don't have the kid of family that God wants us to have.
Satan is really working hard right now in the world. he wants us all to be miserable or depressed or to feel like we just can't do it all or we are not good enough. Man, he is a LIAR.
He will try as hard as he can and we need to realize that and be on the defense of him. We need to be able to see that , hey, this is Satan here, this is not me. I am good enough, qualified enough, whatever it may be. God does not give us responsibilities and then hang us out to dry.
He does not leave us alone, but we do have to come to HIM. we can't just keep trying to do it by ourselves or we WILL fail. if we rely on Him though, we will make it through and we can make it through happily!
I was feeling so overwhelmed and even though I know how I truly feel, and it is not defeat, I was falling for the lie.
The more you understand what is really important and what you really need to do and how to parent your children or how to be a godly wife, the more Satan will hit you and say You can't do that. It is too hard. You will fail. He just wants you to crawl up in a ball and be depressed and leave the children to themselves, b/c he doesn't want your children to be raised up in a godly home.
We have to stand strong and do not allow him in our homes or lives. We need to get to he point to where he can't do this to us.
I will rebuke his lies and not let him get me down because if he does that affects my children and my husband and he loves it. But it is detrimental to my children if I am not being fully there and helping them to grow into godly children.
When these time come, just rely on God and what he says in scripture and we will make it through. Take these times to be learning opportunities to grow in whatever situation may arise. Come out of it stronger in faith and Spirit.
I will NOT let Satan get me down. I will rise up and rebuke him and grow stronger in whatever he is trying to bring me down in.
If he tries to attack me again, I will just grow stronger. Eventually he will want to give up because he will see that he is only making me stronger and that will defeat his purpose.
HA- Hows that ? Sounds good to me! LOL

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