Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Scary Public School statistics...

These statistics are scary...

National Crime survey...
Shows that almost 3 million violent crimes and thefts occur on public school campuses each year.
This equals approximately 16,000 incidents per school day or 1 every 6 seconds.
The survey indicated that about 67 students of every thousand teenagers or 1.9 million are victims of violent crime, including rape, robbery, assault and murder each year.
The survey estimated that 1/3 of these crimes are not reported, making the actual figures much higher.

The Surgeon General...
expressed shock at the findings of a surveyof highschool students that revealed that nearly 20% of all girls and 40% of all boys that it was OK to force sex if a girl was runk.
Another survey showed around 500,000 U.S. teenagers in grades 7-12 habitually do binge drinking and that nearly 14% of the nations 8th graders are already binge drinkers.

In a federally funded study by the Guttmacher Institute, it was discovered that among 15 year olds, 33% of boys and 27% of girls were sexually active; among 16 year olds, 50% of the boys and 34% of girls were sexually active.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention...
did a school-based survey of risk behaviors of students in grades 9-12.
The study found that 18.3% carried a weapon and 7.4% were threatened or injured with a weapon on school property.
32.9% had property stolen or deliberatley damaged one or more times. They also found that the numbers of multiple homicide victims in public schools had tripled in the last few years.

A recent survey found that 1/3 of students entering college need significant remidial help in reading, writing and math.

And perhaps scariest of all is the fact that approximately 50% of christian youth walk away from Christ after they graduate from college.

I will leave you to think what you will of these statistics, but to me they are very frightening.

(This was taken from "The Heart of Homeschooling" by Christopher Klicka)

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