Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Great Resources on Christian Homeschooling and Parenting!

If you are a christian homeschool mom than you must check out Cindy Rushton! She is wonderful! She has TONS of books and audios to help you in your homeschool journey! She has monthly seminars that you can always listen to live for free! The topics range from homeschooling to Debt free living to romance...
She has helped me more than any other homeschool person or book ever has before.
Check out her websites. They are in my favorite websites list!


Anonymous said...

I just discovered Cindy Rushton & all her great resources this summer. I also use MOH & saw a post of yours on the Yahoo group linking to your blog. I thought I recognized your name from Mommy Homework posts on Cindy's blog. Nice to see another homeschooling family using some of the same resources. It helps to reaffirm that we are going on the right path :) I'll be checking out more of your blog as time allows :)

Hillary in Indiana

rodnamomof2 said...

Hi Hillary! Thanks! Yes, I love Cindy Rushton! I also really like MOH! We also use Apologia for science and absolutely love it!!!
We have actually been doing the kids Creation Science classes online with Cindy and Felice! It is fabulous! I highly reccommend it! Actually there is only one week left in the classes but you can order a ticket still and have the audios forever! If you get it this week it is still $29.95 but if you wait it goes back up to $99.95!
Check it out! I think you'll really like it!

Vickie said...

I use to read a lot of Cindy Rushton stuff. Even participated in her Mommy Homework a few times. My first Homeschool EXPO was her's :)

joelle said...

Loves to listen to her as well.

Laura said...

Cindy had a big impact on me as well. I still listen into her webinars now and then.

God bless and thanks for inviting us for this project.

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