Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Working Willingly Wednesdays 7/7/2010

OK, I am back. Thanks for being patient with me last week while I wasn't feeling well.

So, what are we going to do this week???
I am thinking about offering a few choices so that you can can options to choose from.
I know that we may not all need to do the same things. You may have already cleaned what I choose to do some weeks.
So, how about I give three options each week, and you can choose do do one, two or all three of them!
Sound good?
OK, so this weeks options are:
1. Clean out the freezer (Just the freezer, not the fridge, unless you want to!)
2. Wipe down the washer and dryer. (These tend to get very dusty)
3. Clean under the couch cushions (You know you need to! HA)
Outdoor Options:
Sweep the front or back porch
30 minutes of weeding (Break this up however you would like)

Remember you do not have to do all 3 options unless you want to, and remember also that you do not have to do this in one day. You have all week.
Let me know what you are choosing to do, and if you would like, I will post our pics too!
See you next week!

Here is the link to last weeks WWW, if you want to see my cleaned out trunk!

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