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Friday, July 23, 2010

Warning: Home School Foundation Impersonator Calling Leaders



Dear Homeschool Group Leaders:

It has come to our attention that multiple homeschool leaders have received phone calls from a person falsely saying he is from the Home School Foundation.
This caller, who is believed to be male but identifies himself as a woman, will often claim to be calling from the Home School Foundation and indicate that you have been nominated for a grant or award of some sort. This individual usually states that “she” has 10 children and a degree in psychology, before proceeding to ask questions about your family’s homeschool practices to follow up on the grant/award that you have been “nominated” for. The questions quickly get around to your disciplinary methods and practices. Please note, HSF has no need to ask you about your disciplinary methods with your children!
If you are ever on the phone with someone saying he or she is from HSF and you become even slightly suspicious, or if the questions don’t directly relate to the work of the Foundation (i.e. helping families homeschool through hard times), please ask for a name and number and offer to call back. The Foundation’s number is (540) 338-8688. If you are given a different number and/or receive a call from an individual who fits the above description, please alert us immediately!
We are trying our best to find out who this caller is and stop him from harassing homeschoolers in our name. This is not actually a new issue; we had a similar situation many years ago and came close to finding the caller before he went underground. This may be the same person.
If you receive such a phone call, write down the date, time and as much information as you can about the caller. Personal information disclosed by the caller and the questions he asked would be helpful. Also collect any information displayed on your caller ID or obtained from tracing the phone number (often by dialing *69). Contact HSLDA or HSF with this information and we will collect it to help authorities in their attempt to track this individual down.
If you have any details that may help us find out more about this caller, please email them to info@homeschoolfoundation.org with “impersonator” in the subject line.
Also, please forward this email on to other homeschool leaders you know—if people are aware of the issue ahead of time, we are more likely to stop it.
Thank you,
Mike Smith, President



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