Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Working Willingly Wednesdays 6/23/2010

OK, are you ready to get started?
I am !
This week we are going to clean out our TRUNKS!
Yes, most of the things we do here together will be in the home, but if your like me, you do a lot more driving/traveling during the summer.
My husband is always spontaneously taking us on little outings on the weekends. 
I am never prepared, and never have any room in the trunk to bring our stuff.
You do not have to do the whole car. I want this to be EASY. I don't want you to feel overwhelmed, and I want you to come back and do this with me! I don't want to do it alone! HA
I am going to post my before and after photos, and if you want me to post yours too, just email them to me with your info! I would love to post some of your pics as well. You can send first name only or, even just the picture, if you want to.
You can find my email address in the About Me/ Contact Me tab at the top of my blog.
OK guys, I am excited about doing this together!
Remember, you have all week. This does not have to be done today! Good luck!


OK, so here it is AFTER I cleaned it out! Still has some stuff in it for the kids, but is all organized now!

 YAY! I did it! Now, I need to keep it that way.   See you next week!


Lexi said...

HEHEHE. I would say that your is worse than mine...but I have 3 bags of dirt and some tomato planters in mine. They have been there for weeks. I never got any tomato plants, but I did get some herbs, and have watered them, but not PLANTED them.


mommy4 said...

i'm so happy my car is not the only one that looks like your trunk. i think it's a mom thing, we have to have everything in our car.

Rodna said...

OK, OK, I know it is bad Guys. That is why I wanted to do this with you guys, so that these kinds of things will get done.
Lexi, go get your dirt and planters out of your trunk and vacuum. HEE HEE

Lorie said...

Great idea for a meme - not sure I'll actually tackle this one. lol

Rodna, I've seen you so many times on the TOS Crew forums I thought for sure I had been to your blog. I don't know how I missed it. It is so CUTE! Very well done.

Rodna said...

Thank you so much Lorie! I have been working on it, and I am still not quite done catagorizing the posts within the tabs, but i am getting it close to where I want it.
I know what you mean, I have followed so many blogs, but there are a lot of us, so we are bound to take a while to get to them all.
Thanks for stopping by! I am off to see if I have been to yours or not!!!LOL

Anonymous said...

You know... I'm glad I didn't look at this earlier. Posts like this compel me to action but since Wednesday is pretty much over I'm gonna let my trunk stay just the way it is ;) Messy and FULL.
Unfortunately tomorrow I have to clean it out anyhow since it's grocery day.
Good for you for being motivated :)

Rodna said...

Oh No, you can't get out of it, You have all week to get it done! LOL
So, you can just do it tomorrow! HA HA!
My car was a mess.
For sure. LOL

Cindy said...

I actually have a clean van ~ which is shocking!! It's only clean because my dear sweet hubby took everything out before we went on vacation. The garage is another story. Love your blog Rodna!

Marie said...

oh my's too hot here for cleaning out trunks! We had 103 degree weather today! We were definitly all about the pool and the AC.
Did you get it all cleaned out?? Let's see those after shots, hehehe

Rodna said...

Cindy, I HAD to get it clean, because we go on little mini vacations on the weekends!
Thank you for the comment on my blog. I have been working hard on it.

Rodna said...

I did Marie! It is hot here too, so I did it in the morning. I just had to get it done. I think the things I put on here will be things I think of to get done, unless someone gives me some suggestions!!!!!
I think it will help me to get those little things done, like dusting blinds, and ceiling fans, etc..
We all need to do them, but don't like to. I will go get pics, and post them soon!
Thanks for stopping by. i hope you can participate in some of the WWW!

Marie said...

Hey Rodna,
I went to the website and filled out a request to review that book. Next thing I knew it was in my mailbox :-) You can also review books for and several others.
Congratulations on getting the trunk done :-) I NEED to participate in WWW, really badly! I would love to knwo how to clean my blinds successfully. I usually wipe them with a swifer clothe and it works okay but the one in the bathroom is awful...I guess it's the dampness.

Rodna said...

Hey Marie, i will look into that. Are your blinds plastic or wood?

Heather said...

I cleaned mine!! My mom came over and between the two of us, we now haveno clutter in the Suburban!! We actually have an extra seat from an old jeep back there and the hardware to have it installed, so now since it is clean, I can take it down to our mechanic and have him do the job before our trip in August. Yipee! The kids sure like it being clean. If only I can get them to help me keep it that way...So far, so good. It has been over a week and it still looks great. I have actually had places to put the groceries other than on kids' laps. Yeah!!

Very Blessed Mamma said...

Yeah Heather! I just went and cleaned out and vacuumed it out yesterday. I am really trying to keep it up. I am running behind on this weeks WWW, so i better do something on the list tomorrow! AHHH
I have had a busy week and am thinking of leaving the list up for this weeks, so I can get them done. I really want to stick to the list, because it helps to motivate me, especially when others do it with me!!!!!

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