Tuesday, June 1, 2010

So Excited!

I am getting so excited about the training coming soon for the TOS Review Crew.
I have been reading through some of last years reviews and the products that were reviewed, and they are  great. 
They reviewed some amazing products. I am sure I will be reviewing some fabulous products as well.
It will be different this year for sure, doing this, but it will be an exciting adventure.
We are finishing up a few things this month that I want to be done and out of the way before July, when we officially start.
This year we will be doing whatever comes our way. I am sure it will be a huge blessing, as we may find some new products that we love that we may never have tried otherwise. 
It will be a trust thing for me too, trusting that the Lord will send our way just what we need.
Well, hopefully soon I will have more to tell about, but for now, I am just full to the brim with anticipation and ready to get going.
I will keep you updated on things as they come.
Thank you for staying with me this year through all of my reviews.


Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

I'm excited that you're going to be joining us on the crew this year. It's going to be a grand adventure!!

rodnamomof2 said...

Yes, I am sure it will. I wonder when we will get the manual and start training? They said in June with the reviewing starting in July, if I remember correctly.

Family Style School said...

Hi, I am your newest follower. I am on the new crew as well! This is going to be so exciting. I can't wait.


rodnamomof2 said...

Hey! I am excited too! LOL
I can't wait to get started.
Nice to meet you.

Erin @ Closing Time said...

It's great to meet you! I'll be a new Crew member this year too. I'm so excited about it! :)

rodnamomof2 said...

It's nice to meet you too Erin. I am very excited as well. I keep checking my inbox. LOL

Jesse, said...

I can't wait to get started either, mama! Keep thinking any day we'll get an e-mail telling us what we're going to be doing! Looking forward to getting to know everyone better, too.

rodnamomof2 said...

Ya, I know. HEE HEE Me too. I keep checking my email, but nothing yet. There is also not a lot of info on the facebook page, but I know they are all busy wrapping up, so I understand, but am SO ready! LOL

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