Friday, June 11, 2010

Getting Ready for the 2010-2011 Year!

A couple of days ago I received the official Handbook for the TOS Homeschool Review Crew! I was so excited about reading it that I went ahead at 1:00 in the morning and sent it to Kinko's to be printed up and bound.

I went and picked it up first thing the next day. When we got home I  told the kiddos to go do something fun and educational so that I could read it. LOL
They chose to do Spanish on the computer, so I got into a hot bath and read the handbook!
I am really looking forward to this year.
The handbook has a lot of great ideas, and one of them that I decided to take was to establish a fun weekly post. I have decided to do Weekly Clean up Wednesdays, or something like that. I will think of a clever name this week. If you have any ideas, feel free to share and I may pick one of them! I thought it would be much more fun to do those dreaded household chores together. What do you think? I will post more about this soon, but basically, we will choose one or two chores that need to be done periodically, but necessarily all the time.
During the week we will tackle those together and we can even post our pics if we want to!
I also decided to change the look of my blog to go with the whole Cruise theme. What do you think?


Mrs. White said...

Welcome to the Crew!! I love the background you chose! The ocean is so calming.

Mrs. White (from TOS)

Rodna James said...

Thank you! Is this your first year as well, or are you returning?
I am looking forward to this year.

Debra said...

I love the water background! And it is an exciting venture we're setting out on... I'm looking forward to sharing it with you :)

Mrs. White said...

This is my second year. It is going to be fun!

Mrs. White

Rodna James said...

Thanks guys. It will be exciting! I can't wait! HEE HEE.
I have been looking forward to this.
I am enjoying the forum as well.
See you guys there!

Laura O said...

It's so nice to see such enthusiasm. Being on the TOS Crew is a great honor and blessing that make the work so worthwhile.

Love the water background (although the sidebars have a few spots with light writing that would pop out more if made a bit darker.)

Heidi said...

Wow, Rodna~ I'm so glad that you're so excited about the Crew! I'm excited too - and this is my 3rd year leading the Crew - I think each year gets more fun! I look forward to getting to know you better this year!

Rodna James said...

Thank you Laura. I'm really lovin' the blog too! Your right about the side bar. I kept thinking about changing that one that is white, the John 3:16 one, but haven't yet. I think I will go ahead and do that.
I am very happy to be able to be on the crew this year, Laura.
After reading the manual, and a lot of people's blogs, and realizing what the leaders really have to do to make this run smoothly, I am appreciating being able to do this even more, and am realizing that it is a big responsibility, and not just a fun thing to do, that you don't take seriously. Not that I don't think it wont be fun too! I am sure it will. You know, I don't know where this will lead, but I love helping others to learn how to homeschool, how to make it easier and more enjoyable, and I love curriculum.
You know, it is something that I already do, talking about what I have used that I like or don't like, and I want to help others to keep from making some of the same mistakes I have made during my years of homeschooling. It means a lot to me to be able to help others, and I have been doing it long before this opportunity. That is why I am so excited, to be able to take it a step further. I really believe that homeschooling involves so much more than just school, it is about being a family, and that everything we do, including education, is together as a family, and family starts at home.
Well, I could just keep on and on, but I will stop.
I really look forward to seeing where this take me this year. I hope it will be a huge blessing to our family, and to others as well.
It was nice to "meet" you Laura.
I am sure I will see you on the forums.
Talk to you soon.

Rodna James said...

Hi Heidi! It is nice to talk to you again. You know, I am really excited. I know I keep talking about it to my friends, but it really means a lot to me to have this opportunity. I know I don't get paid, and that it may be a lot of work at times, but it is not about the free curriculum, although, I admit, that will be nice.
I really do have a passion for homeschooling and homemaking, and family togetherness, and I love to be able to help others learn how to do this as well.
I am a very talkative person, which lends very nicely to reviewing, and talking to others about homeschooling. Sometimes we have new homeschool moms who havea lot of questions, and they need someone who doesn't tire of talking about homeschooling, or is bothered by someone asking a lot of questions, and I am very happy to do it. I get a lot of phone calls, because mu number is listed on the HERO website, and I have talked to a lot of people who have said, I was the first person willing to take the time to really answer their questions, and give the information they really needed to actually get started.
When you are in unknown territory, you will have a LOT of questions, and I know part of my calling is to help others in this area.
When I started homeschooling, I did not know one person who homeschooled, and I had to just go with what I thought or what I read, which wasn't as much back then, because I had to use the library, and they didn't have a lot on homeschooling. But I am sure things went the way they did, so that I could help others now.
I have been homeschooling for 8 years now, and have never lost my enthusiasm or excitement for it, and I think that is when you know that you are meant to be a service to others in that area.
Ok, as you can see, I can keep talking forever and ever,s o I better stop before I have a 2 page comment. LOL
I look forward to getting to know you better this year too Heidi. I will see you soon.
Love, Rodna

Rodna James said...

Hmm, I changed a couple of the colors, I just wish I could figure out how to get the words under my blog title to be a little larger, so they don"t get so lost in the water, or change just those colors. I will have to keep trying.

Jodi said...

I wanted to say Welcome to the Crew and tell you how great your blog looks! Love it! And, I love your enthusiasm for being on the Crew:) This is my 2nd year on the Crew, and first year as a First Mate. I'm really looking forward to making new friends like you!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Crew!!! Your blog looks amazing!! Great job! I am truly excited to work with a crewmate who is so excited about the upcoming adventure! I know that you will be blessed!
Jennifer S @ Creative Learners
(from th Crew)

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