Monday, July 18, 2011

Slim Down Sunday - Week 1 for Me

Heartfelt HomeschoolingI am joining up with April at Heartfelt Homeschooling
for Slim Down Sunday. 

I probably won't post on Sundays, as we can post anytime throughout the week. 

I will try to post on Mondays.  

This is my first week so I don't have anything to report, but I am in this for trying to lose 20 pounds. 

I need to lose more than that ultimately, but I am going to focus on smaller goals first. 

This week one of my goals is to only have one pop a day, so I can wean down. I ahve went cold tukey before, but the withdrawls are awful. 

I am going to eat much more sensibly, and I am making my morning smoothies again. 
As far as activity goes, I will not be able to have a formal workout routine, because I am getting my house ready to put up for sale, so that will give me a lot of activity. lol

So I look forward to seeing some results next week, and I hope everyone else does too. 

If you want to join us, you can find the link up here.

1 comment:

April said...

I know what you mean about pop. I drink six or eight a day. Diet, but still not healthy. I just wish I could come up with a better lowcal alternative than water... blech! You can do it!

Thanks for joining me!


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