Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What Does God's Word Mean to You?

I was praying tonight about many things, of which one was for a little baby named Paul, who is 2 1/2 months old, and was accidentally suffocated 2 days ago. It is very tragic, and he is in the hospital on a ventilator.
The doctors declared him brain dead, but the family is not giving up hope.
They are believing God for a complete healing.
I have heard that improvement has been seen while they are praying.
If you will please pray for this family too, I know the family will be grateful.
I know that every mother can understand this pain, and the hope for a miracle. 
I read through Esther, and some of Job tonight, and I saw many things that reminded me that God can heal this precious baby, if it is His will. I am praying for this family for a complete healing, and a closer relationship with Christ.

After I had finished my reading, I was praying to God, and I was telling him that I was really enjoying getting to know Him more through His word.
Then, He asked a question of me, something that we should all ask  of ourselves.
Why do we not seek His Word for the precious treasure that it is?
Why, if it is His Words, are we not grasping for them daily, as often as we can?
If God were to want to talk to you, would you not make time for Him?
Well, He does want to talk to you, and He has given us the wonderful blessing of His Word being written down for us, so that we can read it anytime.
We really don't consider how amazing this really is.
I mean, think about it, the Bible is God's Word to us that He wants us to read.
Why don't we want to read it?
Why are we not desperate for it?
Why are we not clinging to it like it is the most precious thing in the world?
We are very blessed to have His written Word, yet we don't even think that much about it.
How sad is that?
It is very sad, yet too often we say, I'm too tired, I'm too busy, on and on...
How can we be too tired to listen to our Lord and Savior?
How can we be too busy to listen to Him speak to us?
We can't be, it is to precious to waste.
I know that I have said the same things, I have had the same excuses, we all have.
But I implore you, and myself, to realize what we have, and how blessed we are to have it, and to remember that the Bible is God, His Word, and He wants to talk to us.
How badly do you want to talk to Him?

I submitted this article to The Christian Home Magazine. You can find it here.  There are many great articles written but other great mothers, so check it out.


Michele said...

Thank you for this post. It touched me deeply and encouraged me to continue to turn to God for all of my needs. He will meet them and go beyond my expectations if I will only turn to him.

Guiding Light said...

AMEN to that! Blessings to you!

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