Monday, September 19, 2011

Our Trip to the "Big" Movies/ Lion King 3D (slight review)

Yesterday we went to the movies!

This is a big deal for us, as we never go to the "big" movies. We only go to the dollar movies, and that is even pretty rare.

There is hardly ever anything playing that is appropriate for our family.

Well, none of us have ever seen a 3D movie, so we thought, let's just do it.

So, we went to the Warren Luxury Theatre.

It was so nice! The seats were super cushy and comfortable. The backs of the seats were tall enough that you could lean your head back and watch the movie, AND they rocked! How cool is that?

Oh yeah, and it didn't smell. HA!  Trust me, the dollar movies smell. :(

Can you tell we haven't been to a good theatre in a while? lol

On to the movie...We decided to watch The Lion King 3D.

The 3D part was pretty cool. I don't know that I would pay the extra that often because it was only some of the movie that really looked cool.

When it rained, the 3D was awesome! It was like it was really raining in the theatre. And there were a few times that it did look like something was right in your face, but it wasn't quite as cool as I thought it would be.

The movie was OK, but there were some things in it that I didn't care for.

*It was pretty scary for my son. He is almost 7 years old, so if your kids aren't used to violent movies, be aware that it might be scary for them.

*The word stupid was used a lot.

*There was one time that Timon was saying to Pumba, "Why am I always having to save your AAA (yelling)?, or something similar to that, but you know they meant to say AS*.

Younger children may not catch that, but older ones or adults will.

*And in another place, Simba tells Timon to be fresh bait, and he responds, "What do you want me to do, dress up in drag and do the hula? Yeah, that wasn't necessary at all.

There were a few other crude humor things that I can't remember off the top of my head, but those two really stood out. 

This is the stuff that drives me crazy about these movies. It would be just as good without that kind of junk. 

OK, now I am singing Francesca Battistelli's song in my head.  This is the stuff that drives me crazy.....HA HA HA

Anyhow, it was fun going to the movies, and I am happy that we saw a 3D movie, but I don't think we would watch the movie again. It wasn't too horrible, but it is not one that I want my kids seeing over and over again, you know what I mean?

I don't know that I can recommend this movie or not. It is one of those that I am on the fence about. It is not the worst thing ever, but there are things that I don't like. So I am not going to say if I recommend it or not. All I can say is that we don't plan on watching it again.

How was your weekend?


Giggly Girls said...

Boy has it been a long time since I've seen that one.
I do remember the drag remark but I can't recall the other one. My mind is going fast. LOL

It's so hard to find movies appropriate for kids, even when they're meant for kids.

Our Village is a Little Different said...

I'm glad I'm not the onlynone who cringes at the crude parts. Even when they are mild, or maybe especially when they are mild, all I can think of is that the producers KNOW the major mRketingtaetet is kids. WHY do they do it?!?! If they sell toddler toys that go with the movie, and Happy Meals with the toys the movie should be clean. I have written so many emails and letters that I've lost count.

I'm glad you had a good time, though. It really is nice to do something special sometimes.

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