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Wordy Qwerty/ TOS Review

  • Wordy Qwerty is actually a sequel program to Read, Write & Type, from Talking Fingers.

  • Once your child completes Read, Write & Type, they move on to Wordy Qwerty. 
    "Wordy Qwerty – Foundations for Reading and Writing Fluency, takes 7-9 year olds through the next steps of reading and writing fluency, and picks up where our award-winning software, the Read, Write & Type Learning System leaves off."

    You may go ahead and use Wordy Qwerty by itself, however. 
    You can read my review of Read, Write & Type, here.
    OK, so back to Wordy Qwerty. 
    Wordy Qwerty teaches reading through spelling rules.
    • "Wordy Qwerty has 20 lessons, with six activities per lesson, that present the following foundations for fluency: 
    • Some sounds can be represented in several different ways.
    • Most words follow about 20 easy spelling rules.
    • There are many word families, (words that sound the same, or rhyme). By changing the first letter(s), you can make hundreds of words.
    • Some words are "outlaws". They don't follow the rules. They must be recognized quickly and automatically.
    • Writing to dictation develops vocabulary, comprehension and fluency as well as spelling skills.
    • Reading (and filling in missing words) develops vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency skills."



    1. Silent E
    2. Sounds of C
    3. Sounds of G
    4. J or DGE
    5. W or WH
    6. C or K
    7. CK or K
    8. CKS or X
    9. CH or TCH
    10. LL, SS, FF, ZZ
    11. OI or OY
    12. VE Words      
    1. Open Syllables
    2. Double Consonants
    3. Doubling rule
    4. ER, IR, OR, UR, EAR
    5. I Before E
    6. Plurals: Add ES
    7. Plurals: Y to IES
    8. Plurals: F to VES

    Wordy Qwerty is a very fun way for your child to learn to read/spell.

    There are 6 steps to reading and writing fluency with Wordy Qwerty.

    Step 1 is the Patterns.

     1. Patterns
    "Children generate two lists of words by typing the names of pictures and sorting the words by a given characteristic. They are directed to notice the patterns," or spelling rules, by comparing the two lists. If they can't sound out the words or spell them correctly, the Helping Hands will assist them. Qwerty and Midi talk about the differences between the two lists and derive the 20 spelling rules which then are woven into the lyrics of delightful songs."

    Your child will love to play the games.

     Step 2 is Karaoke.
     2. Karaoke
    "Rhymes and songs are memorable and fun. There is a catchy song about each of the 20 spelling rules. Children read the lyrics on the screen and can sing along if they want. Often the lyrics contain examples of the words that reflect the spelling rule. Children are motivated to read the words while the song is playing, or while they are singing it themselves."


    Step 3 is Recycler. 

    3. Recycler
    "Lots of words that rhyme can be made just by changing the first letter or letters of the word. Some words sound the same, or rhyme, but use a different combination of letters to represent the same sound. In this game, chidren learn different vowel combinations that can make the long vowel sound. They watch the RECYCLER drum whirl as it changes the first letter(s) of two rhyming words. They learn to quickly distinguish real words from non-words. The non-words are vacuumed away. Players that score less than 90% on the first try are asked to study the list of real words. If any are not familiar, they can click on the word and hear it used in a sentence. Then they are asked to play the game again.

    Step 4 is Pop a Word.
    4. Pop-a-Word
    "Outlaw" words are best memorized by learning to recognize them quickly. In this arcade-type game, children find words in a 4 word phrase as each word appears briefly, along with non-target words, in a cluster of colorful balloons. As children click on the correct balloons, they "pop". The faster they recognize the correct words, the more points they make."

     Step 5 is Write Stories.

    5. Write Stories
    "In these cleverly illustrated 8-line rhymes, children hear and see the first line, and have to type out the second line after it is dictated. They can see and hear the dictated line as often as they need, but get more points if they remember the sentence and try to spell the words correctly. These little stories are full of words that require using the spelling rule just presented."

    Step 6 is Read Stories.

    6. Read Stories
    "Here are some short, engaging stories that develop comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency. Every so often, there is a word missing, and children have to choose among three possible words, the word that best fits the meaning of the sentence. These stories also include words that utilize the spelling rule, or the "outlaw" words learned in that lesson."

    Even my 13 year old daughter loves Wordy Qwerty. When we got this program, she just took off on her own, and got started with the program. I probably should have had her write this review, as she has used it much more than I have. She just worked through it so fast that I didn't even really have a chance to watch her.
    She is on level 15. She said that while she knew how to spell a lot of words, she didn't know why they were spelled that way.
    Wordy Qwerty has helped her to understand the why of spelling.
    If your child struggles with spelling, I think this is a great program. Even if they are older, you can use it for a brush up on spelling rules, instead of a reading program.

    My son is still working on Read, Write, and Type, but we are looking forward to when he can use Wordy Qwerty as well. 

    If you are interested in Wordy Qwerty, you can purchase a subscription, or a CD. All subscriptions are for 5 years.
    Here is the subscription price chart. 

    Wordy Qwerty - Online Edition - 1 user $25.00
    Wordy Qwerty - Online Edition - 2 users $40.00
    Wordy Qwerty - Online Edition - 3 users $52.50
    Wordy Qwerty - Online Edition - 4 users $60.00
    Wordy Qwerty - Online Edition - 5 users $71.25

    If you would prefer a CD, you can purchase one for $35.00.

    My daughter highly recommends Wordy Qwerty, and so do I.


    *I have received an online subscription to Wordy Qwerty, free, as a member of the TOS Homeschool Review Crew, in return for my honest opinion.
    No other compensation has been given to me.*

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