Thursday, May 5, 2011

Primary Arts of Language/ IEW


I am so excited! I just ordered Primary Arts of Language.

It is a reading program from IEW. Jill Pike is the author of the program.

I already love their writing programs for older children. 

My daughter uses the Student Writing Intensive, and she loves it.

I really think my son will enjoy this reading program. 

I have been looking for a reading program for a long, long time. I have just never found one that I thought would really fit us. 

This program uses poetry, as well as incorporates both phonics, and whole words.

I like that they use both, instead of only one. After all, we need both, don't we?

I just had to share my enthusiasm. I will let you know how we like it after we have used it for a while. 

If any of you have ever used it, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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