Friday, September 24, 2010

TOS Review/ Schleich

What can I say about Schleich? They are awesome! My kids love their animals so much.
I have a 5 year old and a 13 year old and they both play with these. It is hard to find toys that span the ages like these toys do.
My kids were so excited when their package of animals arrived!

 Oh, the anticipation... LOL

They couldn't wait to see which ones they were going to get!!!

But they stopped to look at the catalog for a while first! HA 

Surveying the goods...

 Oh, it just takes sooo long to get the plastic off!!!
So, what animals did they get?

Aren't they awesome? They look so real!

My kids love playing with Schleich animals much more than other plastic animals because they look so real, and they can use their imaginations much more with these.

 Even my 13 year old daughter loves to play with them!
They are now asking for Schleich animals as rewards! HA

Schleich has become a name so commonly spoken at our house that my husband threatened to ban the name! Too funny!

At first I thought these were too expensive to buy very often, but the more I thought about it, I realized that we spend the same amount on other little toys, and that it really was no different. 
In fact, my kids have stopped asking to buy those other toys so that they can buy the Schleich animals

My son is very rough with his animals as he is making his tigers eat the zebras. (Boy stuff).
These are very durable. They can withstand anything, except that they do scratch fairly easily. 
But, I am OK with it because I would rather him play with his animals, and have fun, than have to worry about scratching them up. 
In all fairness though, I think that any painted toy would scratch as well.

I highly recommend these toys as they will last a lifetime, and you will want to hang on to these figurines to pass on to your grandchildren. 
(At least that is what I am thinking!)

Your kids will enjoy playing with animals from the many different collections that they offer. 
These include farm Life, Wild Life, Prehistoric Animals, The World of Knights, The World of American Indians, Bayala, and The Smurfs!

Schleich was founded in 1935 by Freidrich Schleich, and the figurines came out in the 1950's.

"As a manufacturer of toys we carry a special responsibility towards parents and children. It is our aim to constantly live up to the image of a developer and supplier of top quality products with an educational aspect.
Our products are developed with the assistance of parents, teachers and children and are therefore especially designed for children´s hands.
The design of our products is as realistic and naturalistic as possible. This enables children to experience the large variety of nature - from domestic animals on a farm to wild animals in the jungle.
When deciding on licensing products such as comic figurines we pay careful attention to their character and the message they carry. Educational aspects play a more important part than possible sales potential."

You can also read their quality and safety statement here. 

 You can see that they really care about the toys that your children play with. 
It can take up to 6 weeks to make a mold for just one of their animals!
All of their animals are hand painted, durable and safe. 
I enjoy the fact that they take such good care and time to create these for our children. 

I have found these at Toy's R Us, Tractor Supply, Atwoods, Target, and Hastings. 
You can also find them on Amazon. 
There may also be other retailers that sell them, but these are the ones that I know of. 
You can also use the websites store locator to find other retailers near you. 
The prices range from $2.99-$7.99 at these retailers, for individual animals. 
They also have boxed sets, and barns and castles available. 
You can find these cheaper on Amazon!!!

Check out what my fellow Crew mates have to say about Schleich here.


*I have received 8 animal figurines,  from Schleich, free, as a member of the TOS Homeschool Review Crew, in return for my honest opinion. No other compensation has been given to me.*

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Our Village is a Little Different said...

I love the pictures of your children opening the box! How adorable! I'm glad they loved them. My boys thought they were pretty neat, too.

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