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TOS Planner and the New Student Planners!

(Scroll down to see the New Student Planners!)

If you have never seen The Old Schoolhouse Planner, you have to check it out!
I had NO idea that this planner was SO BIG!
This planner has everything you could ever want in a planner, and MUCH MORE!
Let me just say that there are 14 pages of just the Table of Contents! YES, I said 14!
OK, I know I seem overly excited about this planner, but I did not know how awesome it really was.
I had heard of the Schoolhouse Planner before, and even looked at it online, but I guess it just never really screamed out to me that this was the planner that I needed.
Boy, was I wrong!

First off I didn't realize that this planner was interactive, and that I could use it on the computer.
Second, I did not know that it literally had every type of form I could ever use, for every part of my life, not just for school.
I know that it said this in the advertisement, but you just can't understand what is included in this planner unless you see it for yourself.
Lastly, I was surprised to see that there was SO much educational content included in this planner.
I can see how you could use this planner to guide you in the decision making of your curriculum for the whole year!

Let me tell you some of what I found in this planner that I particularly liked.
Each month contains helpful articles from well know homeschoolers, such as Amy Pak, Jeannie Fulbright, Malia Russell, Amanda Bennett, Karen Andreola, and Maggie Hogan. (WOW, I love all of these women, don't you?)
Each month is also full of ideas of fun activities for you to do with your family, a resource list full of links to products that correspond with that months supplemental page, art and crafts activities, and ton's of YUMMY RECIPES, (Blueberry Crumble Cake; sounds so good!)
It even has tips on how to cook Gluten and Dairy free!
The miscellaneous educational information is incredible! There is information on The Thirteen Colonies, The Branches of the Government, common Latin roots, famous composers, artists, inventions, cloud types, and SO much more.
They even have a kitchen conversion cheat sheet! I will definitely be printing that one out! HA HA
And of course, we can't forget the forms!
Forms, forms, forms, there are so many forms included in this planner; it is truly amazing.
I have never seen another planner that includes anything close to what this planner does.
This is truly the only planner you will ever need.
It has forms for every aspect of your life: household forms, grocery lists, menu planners, chores, bible reading, Christmas card lists, address book, journaling and notebooking pages, handwriting pages, 12 year planning pages, transcripts, report cards, on and on...
You have your choice of calendar designs.  I especially like the 2 page spread calendars. You can print these off and put them in a binder and when you open it up, both pages will show the whole month at a glance.
This is so much more than a "school" planner. You will find tips on Nature Study, unit studies, even how to make your own soap and cleaners! I have actually been wanting to learn how to make my own soap, and I have been making my own cleaners recently too.
If I would have known what this planner really was, I would have been using it for years now.
Sometimes it takes actually seeing a product in person and trying it out, to fully understand what it is and how it works.
So, if your like me, and have seen or heard of the Schoolhouse planner, but didn't really know what is was, or if it was right for you, I say, trust me on this one, you will LOVE it!
I honestly don't think that you would regret this purchase.
All e-books published though The Old Schoolhouse Magazine come with a money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

Here are a few more sample pictures of what is included in the 2010 Schoolhouse Planner, so that you can get a better idea if this planner is right for you.

Download your copy HERE.  OR, if you prefer to get yours on CD, you can purchase it HERE.

And now TOS has new Student Planners!


Your children can learn to balance their home and school responsibilities!
Easily and affordably tame the home and school chaos with new Student Planners from The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine.
Are school assignments forgotten?
Library materials unaccounted for?
Chores left undone?
Scheduling a never-ending problem?

Then you need the new Student Planners from The Old Schoolhouse® Magazinecustomizable planners with unlimited options for personalization.
The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine brought you The Schoolhouse Planner to help busy homeschool families like yours keep track of everything related to their home and school. Now TOS is bringing you multipurpose Student Planners so your children can learn to balance their home and school responsibilities.

Put your children and teens in charge of their own schedules!
In a busy homeschool household, it can be difficult to maintain a system that monitors not only schoolwork, but also all the responsibilities necessary for daily living. Help your children manage their time, set goals, and develop the skills they need to become productive men and women with The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine Student Planners.

Organizational skills are important for good performance in school and in life.
These versatile planners are the tools your children need to keep your homeschool and home reined in and under control. Teach your children how to track their work and organize their time. Help your teen develop scheduling and planning skills for college or that first job.
Choose from four age-appropriate planners:
  • Primary Planner—grades K–3
  • Secondary School Planner—grades 4–6
  • Middle School Planner—grades 7–8
  • High School Planner—grades 9–12
Think of the possibilities!
Select from a wide variety of forms:
  • To-do lists (today, tomorrow, next week . . .)
  • Audio/Visual log
  • Log sheet
  • Marking period planners
  • Wish list (stuff to buy later)
  • Science lab sheets (use to gather all the supplies and record the experiment too)
  • General book reports
  • Early elementary book reports (with room for pictures!)
  • Chore charts (includes tasks and pictures for primary and secondary grades)
  • Loaned and borrowed lists (no more lost books, CDs, DVDs . . .)
  • Important phone numbers and contacts (never forget a phone number again)
  • Address book (from A–Z)
  • Family tree
  • Community service record (college and scholarship applications may require this information)
  • Dates to remember (birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, important events)
  • Website login/password reference (handy!)
Plus . . .
Schedule with monthly and yearly calendars; assignment and due date sheets; or daily, weekly, and quarterly sheets.

Set daily, weekly, monthly, semester, or yearly goals.

Build high school transcripts and track hours—start now to make transcript creation easy.

Evaluate progress and document curriculum, educational objectives, course of study, test scores, yearly grades, or a 12-year plan.

Capture memories of the first and last days of school with a Beginning/Ending School Year Page.

Record extracurricular activities, music lessons, field trips, memory work, books read, or crafts completed.

Create daily journals or nature journals. Fun journal pages for primary and secondary children include lines to practice handwriting and draw a picture.

Document spiritual milestones with prayer journal sheets, Bible study notes, Bible reading highlights, or discipleship recording sheets. Even add a Bible reading plan to read from Genesis to Revelation or chronologically.

Track library materials and due dates—no more fines.

Not only can each child create a one-of-a-kind planner, but age-appropriate articles and reference sheets will also make the planners a handy reference tool.

Include "How-to" Guides for ready reference:
  • Letter writing tips
  • Lapbooking directions
  • Handwriting guides

Add "Must-Know" Lists for those hard-to-remember facts and figures:
  • Thirteen colonies
  • Multiplication table
  • Branches of government
  • Planets
  • Measurement conversions
  • Elements
  • Capitals of states or countries
  • Timelines
  • Kitchen and measurement conversions
  • And more!
Creating and designing their own individualized planners will make scheduling fun for children and teens.

Use the planners on the computer or make a hard copy. Select pages, customize them by typing information directly into the form, and save them or print them. No more struggling with unusable pages or too few pages. Need more pages or a different form later? No problem. Simply modify the form and add it to the planner.

Planners will be delivered with two downloads: one for the planner itself and another for the Parent Pack. Parent Packs include timely, informative homeschooling articles with grade-specific ideas and tips.

Harness those schedules and help your children and teens learn the planning skills they need now and as adults.

Order your Student Planners today and get the planner that adjusts to your home and school.

Don't wait!
Order this unique, flexible planner today!
Pre-purchase and save time and money.
See other Schoolhouse Planner options HERE.
See other products from this publisher HERE.

Purchase today and recieve FREE A Night with the Clarksons MP3 by Clay Clarkson. 

All E-Books published by The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine come with a 7-day, 100% money-back guarantee!
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