Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Freedom to Choose? Not Really...

 I wrote this 2 years ago as a thought to ponder, and I am going to re-post it again,and add to it, and I will  also let you know that I am putting together an article, or could end up as a book, about what  the scripture actually says about homeschooling. 
While I am doing that though, ponder this thought.

Think about this... If our children are gifts from God, and our children belong to Him, and He gave us our children to raise for Him, to raise up our children in the way they should go, to teach our children about Him, and how to live for Him; If our children belong to God and He gave them to us as a blessing to raise for Him, do we really have the right to hand them over to someone else to train?
Think about it...

I mean, do you really have the right to make that decision?
God gave you your children, and He told you how to train them, and what to teach them. 
He said they were a blessing to you. 
How can you say they are not?   Is God a liar?
Of course not.
How can you give them over to someone else to raise and teach?
Are you saying that God did not know what He was doing when He gave you these children, and told YOU to raise them? 
But what are you really saying when you do this?
Why is it so easy to overlook what Scripture really has to say on this issue?
Do you have a right to pick and choose which parts of Scripture to listen to?
Of course not. 
If there are other obligations that are keeping you from raising, and teaching your own children, then maybe you need to see if those things line up to Scripture.
God doesn't tell us to do something and then make it impossible.
We may add things to our lives that make it impossible, but God doesn't. 
Those things that do not line up, or prevent you from doing this, need to go.
We need to realize how huge our responsibility really is in training up our children in the way they should go. 
You, as the parent are responsible for your children even if you send them off to school or daycare. 
You can not blame the principal, or the teacher for your childs behavior. 
You can not say that it is their fault that your child got beat up on the playground, that they weren't watching good enough. 
You can't say it is the other kids fault that your kid came home spouting off nasty words, or that it is the others kids influences that are making your children disrespectful. 
No, it is yours; you do not have to send them there. 
As a matter of fact, you are asked by God  himself, to teach and guard your children, so you have no excuses if you choose to go ahead and send them off, out from under your protection. 
You will be held responsible for what the other kids, teachers, principals, etc, do, or teach to your children. 
You may be able to delegate your authority, but you can not delegate your responsibility. 
Not even if you want to. 
Think about it.

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