Sunday, August 22, 2010

Check Out Our New Site, The Book Guardians!

 Hey Ya'll! I want to tell you about a site that I think you will love!
Myself, along with 11 other fantastic ladies, have designed a site to help other homeschooling families choose the best books for them!
What we do is, as we read books to our kids, or proofread books for our kids, we will post it on this site.

The Book Guardians

We have a 10 point checklist:

1. Religious/ Secular Content:
2. Adult Content:
3. Mature Topics:
4. Strong/ Inappropriate Language:
5. Magic/ Witchcraft/ Fictional Characters:
6. Disrespect/ Rebellion:
7. Drug/ Alcohol Use:
8. Violence/ Abuse:
9. Educational Value:
10. Positive/ Negative Messages:

We use this to judge each book. We will list whether or not a book has any of these details, and then we will tell you a little about each book, and further expand on the information in the list.

I hope this make sense! lol

The point is that I know I have a hard time proofreading each and every book for my kids, so I thought if a group of us worked together, and we each told about the books we were reading, that we could go to this site, and see what others said about a book, and check the list to see if it contained anything that we may find questionable.

Or, if you are searching for new books for your family, you could come here and see if you can find something that fits your family!
The site is new, and there is not a lot up yet, but go and check it out, and follow us, and check back often to see the new books we are writing about!
Thanks guys!

The Book Guardians

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