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CTCMath/ TOS Review

We were given a 12-month Family Membership to CTCMath

CTCMath is for children in all grade levels, K-12.  It is a full math curriculum, but can also be used as an online private math tutor type of program. It is made to help your child get caught up or get ahead. Your child can choose from many different topics, making personalized education possible. They do not have to go through a bunch of other lessons that they already know.  

 The teacher, Pat Murray, shows and explains every step of a problem so that your child will completely understand what they are doing. Your child is hearing and seeing the problem being done at the same time. This is super helpful. You can pause, fast forward and rewind the lessons so that you can go back and hear something again if you need to. 

I know when I was in school I would ask the teacher a questiona and still not understand, sometimes I would ask again, but then I still wouldn't understand. I would stop going back and asking because it was embarrassing, and that is one of the things that this program eliminates. 

Another thing I hated in school was how the teacher would give us examples on the board but then the rest of the questions were nothing like the ones the teacher showed us. This won't happen with CTCMath because the child can get help every step of the way for every problem, if needed. 

Once the child has watched their lesson they can practice what they just learned. The practice is tailored to the child. If the child shows that he is understanding the problem by getting the answer correct, it will continue to get harder so that the child isn't just practicing the same simple problems over and over. 

Once you are done with your practice you can print it out and keep a portfolio of your work. There are also extra worksheets that you can print out to get offline work and extra practice. The worksheets are connected to the online portion and after your child completes a worksheet, they will enter their answers in the program. If they get one wrong they can still correct it and they can also get help where the teacher shows them how to do the problem correctly, but this can only happen after the student has done the worksheet and entered an answer so that they can't just watch the video and get the answers. 

Another good thing about this program is that you get access to ALL grade levels. So if your child is ahead in certain topics and needs more help in others, it is not a problem They can work from any and all grade levels at once. There are more than 950 lessons to choose from. 

As the parent you can choose to receive weekly updates emailed to you so that you can see your child's progress or you can check the parent area at any time.

We only worked in the Kindergarten grade level. You can see from the below screenshots how it is set up. You can choose from the different grade levels and then from the different topics and categories. 

When you have completed a section it will show you on the right what your grade percent for that lesson is. 

You can see here that they even have lessons from Algebra all the way up to Calculus. 

Here are just a couple of examples of what the kindergarten grade lessons look like. 

This is my only complaint about this program. While it does have a speaker button that will read your child most thing,s there are plenty of times that if your child cant read, you will need to be right there with them to help or they won't know how to do it.

Brently likes this program OK, but he can't do it very well on his own like he wants to. I have to be able to help him, so if we can't do this together, he gets frustrated. If your child is old enough to read though, this isn't an issue. I think that this is a good program for helping students to understand concepts that they are not fully understanding or to get ahead in math as well.

If your child needs extra help in a particular area, this is a great alternative to private tutoring for sure!!!

Here is a short video of my son doing a lesson.

The Family Membership is the best value, but they do offer a single membership as well.

There are many other members of the Review Crew that used CTCMath and we all used different grade levels, so be sure to check those out to find out more information about your child's specific grade, or to get a different prospective of the program.

Math 12-month Family Membership {CTCMath Reviews 2019}
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