Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Children Learn by Example

How do we teach our children to have a moral work ethic in today's society?
I think just like everything else, it starts at home.

My husband works in the construction business, and I can't tell you how many times he has been asked something like, " you must go to church, don't you?", or "are you one of those Christians?", or something to that effect.

Just the other day, someone asked him what church he went to, and they had never even discussed church or religion. They just knew from the way he was that he must be a Christian.

He has great morals, and it shows in his work too. He is honest, and doesn't cheat, cuss, or do anything else that is typically found in his business. Not that everyone who works in construction does these things, but he is one of the few who really stands out as different.

I think that he is a great role model for my son.

I also think that things such as a cashier giving you too much change back, and you returning it, are great examples of ways to teach your children to have a good work ethic. It teaches honesty.

A few months ago my son found a $20 bill on the Walmart floor, and really wanted to keep it. But we explained to him the reasons why it would be dishonest to keep it, and he returned it, and was praised by the cashier.

Once, I walked out of Walmart and realized that I forgot to pay for my bottle of water. I was so tired, and didn't want to go back in, but I knew it was the right thing to do, and a great opportunity to teach my children about honesty.

We were at Mardel one day, and my son found a dollar. We took it to the cashier, and she said the little boy who lost had just asked for it, but that they had already left.

It was so sad, but it was a lesson for my children. Even though a dollar isn't much, it meant something to that little boy who lost it. He had tried to find it, and if it had been turned in a little sooner, he would have gotten it back.

My kids felt sorry for that little boy, and they remember how it must have felt for him to have lost his dollar, and not have been able to find it.

So now they always want to turn things in so that hopefully whoever lost it will be able to get it back.

These type of things happen to us a lot, and I think it is those moments that teach our children about morals, and ethics.

You can tell them something all day long, but if they don't see it, and experience it for themselves, they won't really understand what it means.

So, if you want to teach your children how to have a good work ethic, or how to have good Biblical morals, you need to show them. You need to be their example. They need to see it in action.

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Vickie said...

So true! We own our own business and we have the same work ethic. Body Shops typically get a bad rap,as do contruction workers and service stations. But we've had repeat customers for years because of how we treat them and our honest work ethics. I also believe that the Lord blesses those because of it too. It is showing a Christ-like quality as well. I remember one time someone was shocked that we went to church. When we asked why he said, "you seem too good to need to go to church".

Doreen said...

So very true! We do have to lead by example. Our little ones are always watching and they will do whatever we do - good and bad. I'm so glad you made it onto this topic! I enjoyed your post.
God Bless,

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