Thursday, December 10, 2009


Tonight, my son walked away with another woman!!!
We were outside of El Chico, and Nathan was playing at the candy machines, looking for candy, of course. He walked around to the other side, and didn't come back around so I looked for him and didn't see him! I looked all around and saw him walking with his hand attached to another ladies bag! He thought she was me!!!!
I kept hollering, Nathan, Nathan, but he couldn't hear me. I was going after him, hollering, and the lady's friend realized that there was a little boy with them, and I had been going after them hollering the whole time.
When the lady looked down at Nathan he realized she wasn't me and was looking all around, and I had been hollering the whole time and he didn't hear me. When they stopped walking, I finally caught up with them. I got Nathan's attention but it took him a while to realize what had happened.
I asked him if he had just went with her or if she asked him to go, and he said he just went walking alongside of her thinking she was me.
Here is the kicker.. I told him he had to be more careful, and make sure he was with us and not someone else, and he said to me..... You are supposed to hold my hand really tight so I can't let go!!!!!!!! HAHA That kid. (He's right though, huh?)
Now, mind you, this all happened within a few seconds, but it was scary.
I knew he went on the other side, and it was only a few seconds before I realized he didn't come back around. They were probably only 20 feet ahead of me, but it was SO busy and loud in there that he couldn't hear me.
I am careful with my kids. Most say I am too overprotective, but even then, something can happen in seconds.
I hope that I will be even more careful in the future.
God bless you all with more protection over your children.

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