Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Anger/Disappointment with God

I came across this article in my Redifine Bible magazine that I am reading and thought I would share it with you.

Why did you let this happen God?Why didn't you spare his life?Why did you let her leave me?Why this pain? Why?When we can't make sense of life, our natural response is to question God. we question his love- but Romans 8:38-39 assures us that nothing will take that from us. We say God has deserted us- but he promised never to leave (Hebrews 13:5) We question his wisdom. But God sees the bigger picture where we cannot. Romans 8:28 declares that he works ALL things for our good. Sometimes those questions intensify into anger toward God and ultimately reveal a deeper issue: do we trust him?
Trust requires time and experience-and God has given us both. We've seen him keep his promises through the ages; we've experienced it in our own lives. If we take a moment to be honest with ourselves, we must admit that God actually cares more for our loved ones than we ourselves do-that he is more loving, more just, and more outraged by the sin and suffering in the world than we ever will be. If he had not cared so much, Jesus Christ would not have come and experienced all the pain of life that we do and he would not have died, paying for our sin that caused all the pain. We have reason to trust!Being angry with God IS a sin to be repented of, but it is not unforgivable. Nor does it set God against you. Nothing you say or do will change how God feels about you and how he accepts you in Jesus Christ.
In our human relationships, outbursts of anger and even honest sharing of emotion can do irreparable damage. Not so in our relationship with God. We touch God's emotions-we can arouse him to anger or jealousy or sorrow when we love anyone or anything more than we love him-but we cannot move him from being his all-sufficient, all-powerful, loving self. So, tell him how you feel. Spare no emotion. But if you accuse him of not caring or if you demand your own way as if you were his master instead of his servant, do as the faithful men and women of old did. Get down on your knees and entrust yourself to Him again. Bring to mind his greatness and his power and his unfailing love for you. In the light of his presence, the heat of anger softens to the glow of peace.

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