Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Who knew putting on makeup was SO complicated??

So I was watching HSN a few weeks ago. 
(Yes, I'm addicted) 

I was watching a makeup show. It was from a brand named Too Faced
(Cute name!)

They had a today's special and some other specials that seemed like really good deals. 

I ordered a set of make up called Sugar Plum Fun by Too Faced

It looked like such a cute set. It came with an eye palette, a full size eye primer, a full size mascara, and a full size lipstick. 

The eye palette was SO pretty!!!

I had heard of the mascara before and had been wanting to try it, and the lipstick was a really pretty shade, so I decided to take the plunge. 

Of course as I was watching the show I saw several other good deals. I ended up ordering a highlighting set, some lip gloss, and some more mascara. 

So freaking pretty!! 

I decided to look up some videos on these products...

UMMM...Who knew applying make up had gotten SO complicated... 

I heard terms I had never heard of before:

Tight lining

I learned you must have a transition shade on your eyelids....that you are supposed to use like 50 shades at once, and a bunch of other junk. lol

Really though, it seemed so complicated. I used to wear makeup as a teenager and an adult, and we didn't do ALL OF THAT!

But, as I was watching all of these tutorials and reviews, I fell in LOVE with TOO FACED products! 

I ordered a few more things. I decided to get rid of all of my miscellaneous makeup and start over with some actual good makeup.  

I have received part of the products that I have ordered, but am still waiting on some of it. 

I am super excited about this makeup. It does seem a little expensive, but I can buy it in payments at HSN, and there is a HUGE difference between this makeup and drugstore/Walmart makeup. 

I finally understand what they mean by fallout and blending, and why they are really important. 

Besides...Too Faced products are so freaking adorable, you can't help but want to buy them!

I mean look at that highlighter. It looks like a diamond!

The palettes all look really good. I ordered a few, and can't wait to try them. 

I have watched many tutorials over the last week or so, and attempted to do a look with the Sugar Plum Fun set. 

I think I did a pretty good job! It looked super cute...

I have absolutely loved everything I have received so far. 

I'll let you know how I like the other products, as I get them, but I will go ahead and tell you that they eye liner is amazing. I have NEVER, been able to use liquid eye liner. These eye liners are called Sketch Markers. 

They actually look like markers, and they are so easy to draw with. I did it right the first time! I'll show you pictures of the markers in another post. They are adorable... 

I was just so surprised at how easy they were to use, and use correctly. 

Anyhow, I am embarking on a new adventure in life...I am almost 37 and learning how to properly apply makeup. lol

What do you guys use? Do you know all of these new techniques? Are there other homeschool mama's who love make up as much as I do???

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