Monday, December 11, 2017

Four Birthday's, One Party

We celebrated four birthdays yesterday. My baby is turning 3 on the 16th, my niece turned 6 on the 6th, my son turned 13 an November 29th and my soon the be sister-in-laws son is also turning 13.

We made a Spiderman cake for Brently, a Frozen cake for Izzy and an OU cake for the two teenage boys. 

I say we because I was trying to make all of these cakes and had to call in reinforcements to help me because I totally underestimated how long it would take me. If one of my dear friends hadn't come over to help me, I would not have got them all done! 

I did however make buttercream icing for the first time!

The kids had a blast. So did the adults. The adults broke out in a Nerf Gun War. lol 

It was a little confusing when we sang the birthday song, lol, but it was great day. 

So blessed to have been able to celebrate it with great family and friends. 

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