Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Santa, or no Santa?

Here is a picture of our tree!
(You can tell we are a homeschool family with of the stuff on the walls. lol)

 I do a different color scheme every year. 

I realized this year that I have never done just green and red! 

So I decided to go all traditional Christmas colors this year. 

As I bought presents I started wrapping them and putting them under the tree. 

I never even thought about keeping them back until Christmas for "Santa" to bring them. 

Things are a lot different in my life than they used to be. My 2 older kids obviously know Santa is not real. Brently just turned 3, so I didn't think about pretending there is a Santa. 

My niece is staying with us right now though, and I have had people ask me what about Santa?

I honestly don't know if her mom has done the Santa thing or not. She has seen the presents under the tree and hasn't said anything about it, and neither has Isabell. 

Isabell has mentioned that Santa is real but hasn't really said anything about him bringing presents or anything. 

I have not said anything to her about Santa one way or the other, because that is not my place, but we don't do the Santa thing big time around here. 

I don't have Santa decorations, or anything like that, but we do watch Santa movies. 

My husband and I have not had a talk about whether or not we are doing Santa for Brently or not! It never came up and I just didn't think about it! 

What do you guys do? Do you do the Santa thing, or not?

I have told Isabell and Brently why we have Christmas, and why we give each other presents. I have told them that we are celebrating the birth of Jesus. 

Do you like to see the presents under the tree in anticipation of Christmas, or have them all appear Christmas morning?

I don't know what we are doing next year when Brently will remember!!


Sheila said...

We never did Santa as a "real" thing for kind of a different reason. When my husband was a little boy one Christmas he opened all of his presents from under the tree and they all said "from Santa" and then when he was done, he asked his parents why they hadn't given him any gifts! And I guess that was pretty traumatic to his little mind :) :) so we always told our kids Santa was a fun game we play at Christmas, but that we were celebrating the birth of our Saviour.

Jennifer Miller said...

We don’t “do” Santa, but our stockings are mysteriously filled on Christmas Eve. What is natural for us does tend to change when guests are visiting.

Kym Thorpe said...

We never really did Santa for our kids - it just didn't come up?! In fact when my oldest was about 6yo he asked me why Santa's handwriting was exactly like Grandmum's! haha!! So although they didn't believe in Santa we have always loved watching Santa movies. :-)

Jeniffer D said...

We don't do Santa, and the kids actively participate in wrapping presents for each other. Presents get put under the tree on Christmas Eve each year and sit in my bedroom until then. The big things like bicycles or play tents get put together and placed by the tree for Christmas morning.

annette said...

my mom told me once "don't deliberately lie to your children. If they find out they will wonder what else you lied to them about." She always remembered being lied to by her parents so.. we never learned about Santa. Never thought of him as real, just some funny old guy with a varied history depending on what country you are from.

I never taught my boy about Santa, but taught him also not to make it hard for other children who might not be raised the same. :)

Rodna Allman said...

Yes, I was planning on filling the stockings on Christmas Eve too. When my younger two were little we did try to do the Santa thing, but my then in-laws decided to tell them that we were lying to them, and that it wasn't real. sigh...

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