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It was really interesting to look over all of the curriculum I used back in 2011! 

Check it out. It may be useful in your curriculum hunt! 

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Bible Study Guide for All Ages - Beginner (3-K) / TOS Review

Bible Study Guide for All Ages

Bible Study Guide for All Ages

Bible Study Guide for All Ages

One of my favorite things to teach to my children are Bible lessons. I am all about finding fun, interesting Bible lessons for my kids. 

I was lucky enough to receive a Bible study curriculum from Bible Study Guide for All Ages

My son is 3 years old, so we reviewed the Beginner (3-K) set. 

We received the Beginner level student pages and the Beginner Time Line

On the inside of the front cover are all of the directions needed to use this curriculum.

 It is recommended to have the Children's songs CD set and the Beginner's Teacher Visuals if teaching several students. 

This is an example of the front and back of the lesson page. On the front are the directions to follow for the lesson. 

Each lesson starts out with learning about one of the timeline pages. 

I have to say that the timeline is my favorite part of the whole curriculum. 

The Beginner timeline is made of 8.5 x 11 inch card stock. The card stock is super sturdy and the pictures are gorgeous. 

As I was saying, at the beginning of each lesson you present the timeline page to the student. The instructions say "Learn Beginner Time Line number 1". There is no lesson for me to read to the student about the picture on the time line however. I am not sure exactly how you are supposed to present the timeline to the student.

Since this is the Beginner set, the time lines are pretty self explanatory. So I just explained what the time line picture was about, or told the story of the time line. There are questions at the bottom of every time line picture. 

The questions are great for the review of the time line. You can put these pages in a binder, hang them on the wall, or just pull them out each day. You can use these time line pages however works best for you! 

Each day you can go over all of the past time line pages by asking the student the questions on the bottom of the pages, and then learn the new one. 

The questions are simple, and easy to remember the answers to. 

I love, love, love the timelines. My son loves them to. He gets excited learning about them; especially when he remembers the answers!

You will also be working on learning the books of the Bible. Each lesson will tell you which ones to recite for that day.

 If you have the CD, it will also tell you which song to listen to. I think the CD would be a great aspect to the the program. 

It will also lay out a few questions for you to ask your students/children. 

There is a get active section that you will use to engage your students. Lesson one, for example, asks you to give one piece of candy and a compliment, to one student.  It then asks you to proceed with lesson as usual and wait to see if the other students ask you why you gave one student a piece of candy and no one else. 

When the students ask you why, you can then ask them how it made them feel when you did that, and use that as a springboard to talk about what to do if they ever have bad feelings against someone. 

Then you are going to turn your paper over and learn about what happens when you let your bad feelings turn into hate. This particular lesson is about Joseph and his brothers. 

Most of these "Get Active" sections are designed for more than one student/child. When you only have one child you really have to tailor it to one child. You could ask them how they would feel if you were to give one person a piece of candy but not them, and still get the point across. 

You would then turn your paper back over to the front and apply the lesson learned. 

You would ask the students questions about the picture, and the children can color the picture while you are asking them the questions. 

That would conclude one lesson. 

It is a little confusing at first, but you quickly get the hang of it. 

I like that each lesson teaches a Bible lesson and real life lessons, helping children know what to do in every day life situations. 

My only complaint is that the time line pages don't match up to the lessons. I wish the lessons went along with the time line page for that lesson. Maybe this is because there are way more lessons than time line pictures, I am not sure. 

As I said at the beginning of this review, I LOVE the time line and it is my FAVORITE part of the curriculum. 

I highly recommend you get the Beginner Time Line, no matter how you plan to use it. It is so versatile. 

The Beginner Student Pages come in units. Each unit has 26 lessons and are only $5.95 each. 

All in all I think there are a couple of tweaks needed if you are only teaching one child, but they are easily made. I think your family would enjoy this Bible Study Guide for All Ages

This curriculum is for all ages, as the name states. That means that all of the sets correspond to one another so that everyone in your family from 3 years old to adult can all be studying the same parts of the Bible at the same time, on each person's own level. 

For older children there are Wall Maps and Time Lines that would be exciting to use. 

Time Line

Wall Map

This really is the answer to how to do Bible study for the whole family. 
Be sure to check out what my fellow Crew Mates thought of this curriculum. We all reviewed different age brackets, so you will find your particular set somewhere in there!
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Bible Study Guide For All Ages {Reviews}
Bible Study Guide For All Ages {Reviews}
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TBT/ Travel Kits

OH MAN! When I saw this post I knew I had to read it again! I reviewed a product called Travel Kits: A Simple Way to Bless Others. 

I totally forgot about this. I had such a blast making these travel kits for my kids and friends! 

I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did!

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Throw Back Thursday

I came across this post as I was looking for one for Throw Back Thursday. 

It is about teaching boys and a big lesson I learned that really helped me out when teaching my son. 

Now that I have a 3 year old son getting to the age where he will be doing more lessons, it is a great reminder! 

I hope this post helps and encourages you as well as it did me 7 years ago!

TBT/ Curriculum

It was really interesting to look over all of the curriculum I used back in 2011!  Check it out . It may be useful in your curricul...