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Creating a Masterpiece/ TOS Review

Creating a Masterpiece is amazing! If you have ever wanted to learn how to draw, this is the Drawing Program for you!

Sharon Hofer is a master artist and teacher. She is fun to watch and she makes it so easy to learn. I never thought I could draw anything like the pictures she has us draw. She walks you through step by step and you end up with a drawing that you can't believe you actually drew! 

The Drawing Program is broken up into 4 levels. Beginning Drawing, Drawing Level 1, Drawing Level 2, and Drawing Level 3.  

There are 30 projects with 48 lessons total. You will use 3 different media types; pencil, colored pencil, and charcoal. 

My son and I have been doing these art lessons together and my niece has done one with us so far. They are really fun to do. I enjoy having something that we can do together like this. 

My niece did this giraffe drawing with me. 

Here is mine. 

My son and I did this landscape together. Mine is the first one and his is the second. He is really proud of this drawing that he did. This is his favorite one that we have done so far. 

The first two drawings that we did were basic pencil drawings. These were different. We used a black Artigain paper with white and black colored pencils. I have never done a drawing like this before. It was really fun! 

This is my son's drawing. 

This is my drawing. I really like it! I can't believe I actually drew this myself! 

To be perfectly honest, I am more into this art program than my son is, but hey, he is a 14 year old boy, so that is probably to be expected. However, I will say that he is getting more and more excited about some of his drawings. He said that he prefers the pencil drawing on the white paper rather than using the colored pencils on the black paper. I think that he will gain some really great drawing skills from this program and I think that he will keep liking it even more as we continue to work through the program and he gains more skills and confidence. 

I did this colored pencil drawing on vellum paper. It was so cool to do! 

When you hold the vellum drawing to the light it is kind of see through. 

I can't wait to do all of the drawing lessons in the program. There are still a lot more to go but I have already learned so many techniques that I feel like I am a better artist than I was when I began. I would probably even like to do the entire program and then do it again and see how much my skills have grown. 

If you are homeschooling, this is an amazing drawing program by Creating a Masterpiece. This is a wonderful way to create an art portfolio. If you are schooling at home through a charter school, you can use this for an art credit! Even if you are not homeschooling this is an amazing drawing program to teach your children how to draw. It is especially useful if you  have more than one child wanting to learn to draw. 

You don't have to be a child to enjoy this program though! Even if you don't have any children and you want to learn how to draw, you will love this! If you get it for your kids you can do this right along side of them and learn how to draw too. 

There are four different programs that Sharon offers. Of course, the drawing program is one of them. Some of the programs she offers allows you to pay monthly or yearly, and some are only yearly. 

The drawing program is $199 for a whole year. I know this does seem like quite a bit, but honestly, to learn how to draw, like really draw, I think it is worth it. Thankfully there is a monthly payment option available for $19.99 a month. This makes it a much more feasible option, at least for me. 

The Core Program teaches all of the different medias in one program. This one offers two payment options: $349 a year or $19.99 a month. It says it was $29.99 a month. I don't know if this is a sale or a permanent change. After completing the drawing program, I would love to do the core program, so I am hoping I can get in on the $19.99 a month! 

There is an Art History Program as well. It is also $199.00 for a year. 

Finally, there is an Unlimited Access Program. The Unlimted Access program gives you access to all three of the above programs. This one is $499.00 a year or $49.99 a month. 

If you don't want a video based program, there are also books available. I would recommend doing one of the video programs first though and then purchasing a book. That way you will have already had more practice and gained some skills before jumping into one of these more advanced books. 

I really love this program. I have no complaints, but I do have one thing that I would change if I could, and that would be to offer monthly payments on all of the programs because $199.00 is still a lot to come up with. I think the only program that doesn't currently offer a monthly plan is the Art History program. 

Sharon is a wonderful teacher and she makes it very easy to learn. I can't wait to finish the program and then do some more of her other programs as well. I have already purchased the pastels!!!

I am not the only crew member whose family has been using this program. Be sure to go over and check out the rest of the reviews!  

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